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Discover the moving story of your hosts.
Nanwan PS B&B | Ellen and Jessie.In a Southbound Car, Two Good Friends Build a Restful Life Together
When pushing open the glazed door of Nanwan PS B&B, the refreshing air was filled with a sense of warmth and a distinctive personality. The placid scene of life is created by the hostesses Ellen and Jessie. The two met when they were teenagers, and later one became a designer who loved surfing and carried a bright character and androgynous style, while the other became a medical laboratory scientist who loved cooking with an easygoing personality. However, fate has brought these two friends of different temperaments together. Through one delightful trip after another traveling between central Taiwan and Kenting, the duo found their common longing for life.    
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Hsin-Hsin Hotel | Tiffany and Family: Passing the Torch of Hakka Cordiality
As we push open the old glass door bearing the Chinese characters for Hsin-Hsin Hotel, we are greeted enthusiastically by nimble, short-haired Tiffany. Long-haired Kelly, her beautiful, younger sister, is less talkative and stands smiling by Tiffany’s side. Though their personalities are totally different, they share a common grace and charm, originating from the cordial Hakka culture they’ve inherited from their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Luo. Once they open up, they overflow with stories about being the third generation in their family to manage Hsin-Hsin Hotel. Every story they relate reveals how intertwined the lives of each generation have become in this place.    
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Juhu Villa | Mr. Lai and Mei-jyu.A Mountain Boy, and the Girl Who Knew She Would Marry into the Country
Even before the car door opens wide, the first member of Juhu Villa to greet you is a furry little black dog, Xiao Hei. Next comes Mr. Lai, strolling out from behind his family home. Dressed in simple clothing and wearing a bashful smile, he appears before you like any country boy, exuding a generous and friendly ambiance. Pointing to the freshly harvested bananas on the table, he says, “Have some! Don’t be shy!”    
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