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House of Ahan | Ahan and Shujing.Embarking on Their Journey of Life Together and Sharing Each Cheerful Moments
After greeting us, the host Ahan adeptly introduced the lodging with a bright smile: “Japanese took the Taiwan red cypress and yellow cypress away, but also brought Yamaha, Suzuki (both scooter brands), and sashimi with wasabi to Taiwan.” As a natural humorist, Ahan spoke with funny punchlines at times and made everyone burst into laughter. On the side, the hostess Shujing was busy managing the chores of the lodging in a casual but organized way. Applying their own expertise, the couple built their ideal lodging in Rueili, Chiayi.    
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Laile B&B | Jimmy.Transforming an Old House into a Home Where Passion Resides
A man with dark skin, wearing his salt-and-pepper hair short and some slightly curly beard on his pointed chin, this was Jimmy, a renowned interior designer for accommodations in southern Taiwan. As we first met, he wore simple clothes and with an indomitable yet gentle expression on his face. Speaking in high spirits, he smiled and said: ”Originally I was going to open a B&B in Kenting.” It turned out that he didn’t get his suntan in Tainan, but was an imprint from surfing a lot. So it made us wonder, what would be the twist of fate that brought him to create “Laile” in Tainan.    
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Sanshing Four Seasons ・Childhood House B&B | Jona and Ting.Beautiful handicrafts inspired by the pleasant local lifestyle
Driving through the Xueshan Tunnel, we arrived at Sanshing Four Seasons in the pleasant countryside. The host Jona took off his apron and stepped out from the kiln room in the rear studio, while his wife Ting opened the door of Childhood House B&B to welcome us. Both greeted us with smiles, they introduced their ideal life in the spacious space with a breezy vibe. The landscape of the hometown in their story was composed of farmers operating rice transplanters in the paddies, white-breasted waterhens crossing the street by the fields, and many other rural images of Sanshing. In the hearts of Jona and Ting, the scenery of a slow-paced life in the four seasons of Sanshing fueled their devotion to returning hometown. With the craft pottery grew out of the land, they hoped that Sanshing Four Seasons, a fusion of lodging, pottery studio, and café, would introduce travelers to the local beauty.    
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