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Back to the Old Tainan | The Innovator who Breathes New Life into Old Houses
“I hope people who come to Tainan can be reminded of something when experiencing life here.” In a casual white shirt with jeans, wearing a pair of golden thin-framed glasses, his smile with squinty eyes gave us a sense of warmth. As he told us one story of the old Tainan after another, it was hard to imagine that he wasn’t a Tainan native, cultural expert, historian, or community developer. He was the former general manager of Tainan JJ-W Culture Design Hotel and JJ-S Hotel, now served as an assistant professor and experienced accommodation consultant, he has been striving to imbue new life into the decaying old houses. He was one of the co-founders of Back to the Old Tainan Guesthouse – Andy, a Kaohsiung native who came to Tainan and never left.    
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Houhu Garden & Resort | The Wendell’s Family・The Dream Home Built by Wendell’s Family
When we first met with Wendell, he looked shy and simple with a pair of glasses. He came out of the house and directed us to park under a tree. Just getting off the car, we saw Wendell’s father busy weeding and working in the garden, and the laughter of children playing on the porch and slide was also heard. A few red-faced Muscovy ducks passed by with their butt wiggling, while the cute dogs that were lying on the grassland for sunbathing, now running toward us to greet. Sitting by the porch, we chatted with Wendell about their family life here at Houhu Garden & Resort.    
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With Inn Hostel | Shing and Hong.Happiness is Being Together
When we arrived at With Inn Hostel, Shing, a girl sporting a short, refreshing hairstyle immediately greeted us with enthusiastic, smiling eyes. She led the way and arranged for us to sit down, all while calling up the stairs, “Hong! Hong!” A few seconds later, a young guy in casual outfit with short mustache and shy smile descended the staircase, taking our luggage from Shing. Shing then led us upstairs, excitedly introducing the old house with stories about its iron window grates, carved glass windows, terrazzo floors, and wooden pillars. Hong, following behind, joined the conversation from time to time. Step by step, we journeyed through the golden years of this lodging and emerged in the present day.    
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