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Discover the moving story of your hosts.
Rick・A Simple and Genuine Boy Who Realizes His Dream
Original B&B, bearing a distinctive disposition, embraces the guests with its style of warm and reliable design with a playful sense of humor, just like its host Rick, a fun-loving big boy. With a dark face and bright character, Rick returned his hometown and built Original B&B at Chishang, Taitung, realizing his ideal with great courage and execution at the age of 23. Now let’s hear his story about the creation of this lodging.    
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With Decade-plus Camaraderie, the Trio Bonds to Fulfill Their Longings
When we arrived at Chill Roof Hotel, the sunlight poured in through the large windows behind the counter and brightens the lobby. Embraced by a whiff of fragrance, we changed into slippers and started to explore the space curiously. A wall of bookshelves was loaded with travel magazines and brochures, while the luggage deposit area was well organized. As we were wondering what kind of hosts would attend to such details and create such cosy and laid-back space, the trio of hosts – Xiaomao, Azong, and Qixin – came out from separate rooms. While walking toward us, they were still dealing with different hotel affairs. It is this effective teamwork that ensures every aspect of Chill Roof Hotel has been taken care of. Subverting the traditional stereotype of men, the trio has built Chill Roof with their aesthetic sense and perfectionist attitude, introducing travellers a hotel feels like home.    
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Susu.The Fearless Journey toward the Dream
Wearing refreshing summery attire and tying her hair in a long ponytail, she welcomed you with a lively smile and led you into this century-old house, which embodied her dedication and passion. Susu, a Hakka girl from Hsinchu, loved everything in her hometown and endeavored to revitalize the cultural and artistic trend in Hsinchu. Thus, at age of 25, she opened up Migration Cafe and B&B in the small town of Neiwan as a starting point and begin this journey toward her dream.    
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