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Discover the moving story of your hosts.
Nanwan PS B&B | Ellen and Jessie.In a Southbound Car, Two Good Friends Build a Restful Life Together
When pushing open the glazed door of Nanwan PS B&B, the refreshing air was filled with a sense of warmth and a distinctive personality. The placid scene of life is created by the hostesses Ellen and Jessie. The two met when they were teenagers, and later one became a designer who loved surfing and carried a bright character and androgynous style, while the other became a medical laboratory scientist who loved cooking with an easygoing personality. However, fate has brought these two friends of different temperaments together. Through one delightful trip after another traveling between central Taiwan and Kenting, the duo found their common longing for life.    
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Made in Heart Guesthouse | Ruxin.Her Paintbrush Unlocks the Fairy Tale in Her Heart
When we pushed open the retro pale blue wooden door of “Made in Heart” guesthouse, the hostess Ruxin with fair skin, in an elegant blue velvet long skirt and lace blouse, greeted us in an exciting voice, “Welcome, oh my God! I’m so happy you found me. Being covered by Dear b&b is my ultimate goal of opening this guesthouse!” said Ruxin cheerfully as a bluebird. Just like Snow White coming out from the fairy tale, she told us her pure wish when sitting by the window with a secret garden in the background. It wouldn’t surprise us if a fairy just lands on her shoulder or she could summon breeze with a smile. With a bamboo basket hanging on her arm, as if she was going on a picnic, she spread out the checkered mat named life, inviting us to sit down and listen to her story of how she made her romantic fantasy into this fairy-tale-like lodging.    
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Migration Cafe and B&B | Susu.The Fearless Journey toward the Dream
Wearing refreshing summery attire and tying her hair in a long ponytail, she welcomed you with a lively smile and led you into this century-old house, which embodied her dedication and passion. Susu, a Hakka girl from Hsinchu, loved everything in her hometown and endeavored to revitalize the cultural and artistic trend in Hsinchu. Thus, at age of 25, she opened up Migration Cafe and B&B in the small town of Neiwan as a starting point and begin this journey toward her dream.    
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