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Back to the Old Tainan | The Innovator who Breathes New Life into Old Houses
“I hope people who come to Tainan can be reminded of something when experiencing life here.” In a casual white shirt with jeans, wearing a pair of golden thin-framed glasses, his smile with squinty eyes gave us a sense of warmth. As he told us one story of the old Tainan after another, it was hard to imagine that he wasn’t a Tainan native, cultural expert, historian, or community developer. He was the former general manager of Tainan JJ-W Culture Design Hotel and JJ-S Hotel, now served as an assistant professor and experienced accommodation consultant, he has been striving to imbue new life into the decaying old houses. He was one of the co-founders of Back to the Old Tainan Guesthouse – Andy, a Kaohsiung native who came to Tainan and never left.    
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Sunny Day B&B | Shirley.Embrace the Mountain Lushness and Share the Beautiful Life with You
When the water was brought to a boil, Shirley loaded the pouring kettle with hot water, then poured it slowly into the dripper as the coffee grounds gradually rose up. Delightful aromas flowed in the air as the coffee dripped into the carafe. While Shirley concentrated on brewing coffee with a calm smile on her face, our minds also quieted down with the flowing of water. We were at Sunny Day B&B, where invited the natural elements into its space and presented four spacious rooms to the guests, embodying the hostess Shirley’s dedication to an ideal life.    
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Original B&B | Rick・A Simple and Genuine Boy Who Realizes His Dream
Original B&B, bearing a distinctive disposition, embraces the guests with its style of warm and reliable design with a playful sense of humor, just like its host Rick, a fun-loving big boy. With a dark face and bright character, Rick returned his hometown and built Original B&B at Chishang, Taitung, realizing his ideal with great courage and execution at the age of 23. Now let’s hear his story about the creation of this lodging.    
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