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Taiori | Brother Yo & Xiao Shan.Partners at the Helm of a Happy and Delicious Life
“Come try the seasonal striped bonito and mackerel!” Brother Yo appeared from the kitchen with a plate of freshly-cut sashimi, while Xiao Shan approached with some steaming tea. “Feel free to help yourself to some local kumquat cakes and preserved fruit.” Their smiles were as uplifting as a warming fire and lit up the wood-scented room. In operation for nearly nine years, Brother Yo and Xiao Shan have not lost their passion for life. Through the hot springs of Jiaoxi and their deliciously sincere intention, they take care of the heart of every traveler. Between blue sky and green fields, they have created a happy, safe harbor, providing you with relaxation and peace of mind.    
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Made in Heart Guesthouse | Ruxin.Her Paintbrush Unlocks the Fairy Tale in Her Heart
When we pushed open the retro pale blue wooden door of “Made in Heart” guesthouse, the hostess Ruxin with fair skin, in an elegant blue velvet long skirt and lace blouse, greeted us in an exciting voice, “Welcome, oh my God! I’m so happy you found me. Being covered by Dear b&b is my ultimate goal of opening this guesthouse!” said Ruxin cheerfully as a bluebird. Just like Snow White coming out from the fairy tale, she told us her pure wish when sitting by the window with a secret garden in the background. It wouldn’t surprise us if a fairy just lands on her shoulder or she could summon breeze with a smile. With a bamboo basket hanging on her arm, as if she was going on a picnic, she spread out the checkered mat named life, inviting us to sit down and listen to her story of how she made her romantic fantasy into this fairy-tale-like lodging.    
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Fa Haus | The Beautiful Love Story of the Amusing Craftsman and the Perfect Companionship by the Mountains and
Nestled on the Back Bay beach, the fair-faced concrete building of Fa Haus concealed an ambience of isolation, leaving us a feeling that we would not meet anyone behind that door. However, our imagination about the space was dissolved by the appearance of the hosts Jeam and Jean. Jeam, a little shy but funny, in his polo shirt, popped up from behind the counter, and our surprised looks just made him laugh quietly. Lovely Jean, also in her casual outfit, walked with cheerful steps and greeted us in her resounding voice, as her cordiality just built up the bridge between us. Chatting with them was like talking to the couple next door, warm and comfortable. At that moment, we seemed to be brought closer to this unique and mysterious house.    
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