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Sanshing Four Seasons ・Childhood House B&B | Jona and Ting.Beautiful handicrafts inspired by the pleasant local lifestyle
Driving through the Xueshan Tunnel, we arrived at Sanshing Four Seasons in the pleasant countryside. The host Jona took off his apron and stepped out from the kiln room in the rear studio, while his wife Ting opened the door of Childhood House B&B to welcome us. Both greeted us with smiles, they introduced their ideal life in the spacious space with a breezy vibe. The landscape of the hometown in their story was composed of farmers operating rice transplanters in the paddies, white-breasted waterhens crossing the street by the fields, and many other rural images of Sanshing. In the hearts of Jona and Ting, the scenery of a slow-paced life in the four seasons of Sanshing fueled their devotion to returning hometown. With the craft pottery grew out of the land, they hoped that Sanshing Four Seasons, a fusion of lodging, pottery studio, and café, would introduce travelers to the local beauty.    
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Farmland B&B | Julie’s Family.Fields of Love Cultivated by a Family
Walking into the courtyard house with two wings like open arms, you are like walking into the warm embrace of the host family of Farmland B&B. A lodging replete with strong bonds and loving cares lends you the cozy and warm feeling just like home. In the beginning, each member of this family of four carried his or her own set of duties: Qing He the father was in charge of the farmland behind the house, Su Hui the mother applied her culinary and flower arranging skills, while James, Julie’s older brother, served as the art director, and Julie, an art teacher herself, was the one who put every detail of the B&B into implementation. Originally, they all had different visions for the lodging, but the final version came out following the head of the house—Qing He’s blueprint, as he said, “The design of traditional courtyard house can bring each family member together, as when you step out the room in the morning, you’d be interacting with other family members and thus build a strong bond.” The whole family was dedicated to the B&B and attended to all the design details with abundant love.    
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Hsin-Hsin Hotel | Tiffany and Family: Passing the Torch of Hakka Cordiality
As we push open the old glass door bearing the Chinese characters for Hsin-Hsin Hotel, we are greeted enthusiastically by nimble, short-haired Tiffany. Long-haired Kelly, her beautiful, younger sister, is less talkative and stands smiling by Tiffany’s side. Though their personalities are totally different, they share a common grace and charm, originating from the cordial Hakka culture they’ve inherited from their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Luo. Once they open up, they overflow with stories about being the third generation in their family to manage Hsin-Hsin Hotel. Every story they relate reveals how intertwined the lives of each generation have become in this place.    
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