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Goo Dian Coffee House | Yuren and His Family.Sharing the Simple Beauty of the Mountains
In the afternoon, while appreciating the magnificence of Lala Mountain, a humble greeting caught our attention from behind. With a smile on his face and wearing a casual outfit, Yuren gives people a sincere and carefree impression. Not wearing any make-up, his youthful mother also carries a pure character. Her actual age was the first surprise we received here, which is to say, the simple yet abundant life in the mountains does not seem to carve any mark of worry upon their faces. Yuren and his family generously share this place and enthusiastically meet every traveler from afar.    
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Houhu Garden & Resort | The Wendell’s Family・The Dream Home Built by Wendell’s Family
When we first met with Wendell, he looked shy and simple with a pair of glasses. He came out of the house and directed us to park under a tree. Just getting off the car, we saw Wendell’s father busy weeding and working in the garden, and the laughter of children playing on the porch and slide was also heard. A few red-faced Muscovy ducks passed by with their butt wiggling, while the cute dogs that were lying on the grassland for sunbathing, now running toward us to greet. Sitting by the porch, we chatted with Wendell about their family life here at Houhu Garden & Resort.    
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Sanshing Four Seasons ・Childhood House B&B | Jona and Ting.Beautiful handicrafts inspired by the pleasant local lifestyle
Driving through the Xueshan Tunnel, we arrived at Sanshing Four Seasons in the pleasant countryside. The host Jona took off his apron and stepped out from the kiln room in the rear studio, while his wife Ting opened the door of Childhood House B&B to welcome us. Both greeted us with smiles, they introduced their ideal life in the spacious space with a breezy vibe. The landscape of the hometown in their story was composed of farmers operating rice transplanters in the paddies, white-breasted waterhens crossing the street by the fields, and many other rural images of Sanshing. In the hearts of Jona and Ting, the scenery of a slow-paced life in the four seasons of Sanshing fueled their devotion to returning hometown. With the craft pottery grew out of the land, they hoped that Sanshing Four Seasons, a fusion of lodging, pottery studio, and café, would introduce travelers to the local beauty.    
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