Story of the Host

Discover the moving story of your hosts.
Taiori | Brother Yo & Xiao Shan.Partners at the Helm of a Happy and Delicious Life
“Come try the seasonal striped bonito and mackerel!” Brother Yo appeared from the kitchen with a plate of freshly-cut sashimi, while Xiao Shan approached with some steaming tea. “Feel free to help yourself to some local kumquat cakes and preserved fruit.” Their smiles were as uplifting as a warming fire and lit up the wood-scented room. In operation for nearly nine years, Brother Yo and Xiao Shan have not lost their passion for life. Through the hot springs of Jiaoxi and their deliciously sincere intention, they take care of the heart of every traveler. Between blue sky and green fields, they have created a happy, safe harbor, providing you with relaxation and peace of mind.    
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Belonginn | Up and Me.Flying up Toward the Light, Brightening Our Aspirations
“How are you?” A simple greeting is the first impression we got from Up. With a deep voice, plain shirt and jeans, he presented a calm and no-nonsense demeanor. Next to him, Me also wore simple attire, while her short ombre hair gave her face a distinctive character. With an urban cultured image, the couple shared not only a similar look but also the same life goals.    
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Juhu Villa | Mr. Lai and Mei-jyu.A Mountain Boy, and the Girl Who Knew She Would Marry into the Country
Even before the car door opens wide, the first member of Juhu Villa to greet you is a furry little black dog, Xiao Hei. Next comes Mr. Lai, strolling out from behind his family home. Dressed in simple clothing and wearing a bashful smile, he appears before you like any country boy, exuding a generous and friendly ambiance. Pointing to the freshly harvested bananas on the table, he says, “Have some! Don’t be shy!”    
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