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Nanwan PS B&B | Ellen and Jessie.In a Southbound Car, Two Good Friends Build a Restful Life Together
When pushing open the glazed door of Nanwan PS B&B, the refreshing air was filled with a sense of warmth and a distinctive personality. The placid scene of life is created by the hostesses Ellen and Jessie. The two met when they were teenagers, and later one became a designer who loved surfing and carried a bright character and androgynous style, while the other became a medical laboratory scientist who loved cooking with an easygoing personality. However, fate has brought these two friends of different temperaments together. Through one delightful trip after another traveling between central Taiwan and Kenting, the duo found their common longing for life.    
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Ming Xing B&B | Karen.With love, embrace the ordinary within the rushing tides of life
Wearing a delicate green sweater and a navy blue denim apron, Karen, the host of Ming Xing B&B, is standing beside the bar to welcome us with a candid smile on her face. Her smile causes her eyes to curve like crescent moons, while the southern sun shines peacefully upon her wheat-colored complexion. She once left home to pursue the brilliant sunshine of Kenting, but left it behind to return to her hometown and succeed her father at the head of the welding shop he had operated for over 30 years. Speaking of this old house, and of Chinese cuisine, Karen’s eyes fill with firm conviction. She has used her inspiration and exquisite craftsmanship to preserve her memories between the walls of this old building, while her contemporary attitude allows the warmth that she recalls to endure.    
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Belonginn | Up and Me.Flying up Toward the Light, Brightening Our Aspirations
“How are you?” A simple greeting is the first impression we got from Up. With a deep voice, plain shirt and jeans, he presented a calm and no-nonsense demeanor. Next to him, Me also wore simple attire, while her short ombre hair gave her face a distinctive character. With an urban cultured image, the couple shared not only a similar look but also the same life goals.    
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