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Discover the moving story of your hosts.
House of Ahan | Ahan and Shujing.Embarking on Their Journey of Life Together and Sharing Each Cheerful Moments
After greeting us, the host Ahan adeptly introduced the lodging with a bright smile: “Japanese took the Taiwan red cypress and yellow cypress away, but also brought Yamaha, Suzuki (both scooter brands), and sashimi with wasabi to Taiwan.” As a natural humorist, Ahan spoke with funny punchlines at times and made everyone burst into laughter. On the side, the hostess Shujing was busy managing the chores of the lodging in a casual but organized way. Applying their own expertise, the couple built their ideal lodging in Rueili, Chiayi.    
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With Inn Hostel | Shing and Hong.Happiness is Being Together
When we arrived at With Inn Hostel, Shing, a girl sporting a short, refreshing hairstyle immediately greeted us with enthusiastic, smiling eyes. She led the way and arranged for us to sit down, all while calling up the stairs, “Hong! Hong!” A few seconds later, a young guy in casual outfit with short mustache and shy smile descended the staircase, taking our luggage from Shing. Shing then led us upstairs, excitedly introducing the old house with stories about its iron window grates, carved glass windows, terrazzo floors, and wooden pillars. Hong, following behind, joined the conversation from time to time. Step by step, we journeyed through the golden years of this lodging and emerged in the present day.    
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Summer Wings B&B | Grace.Set the Heart Free and Build a Loving Home and Life with Her Husband
When we first stepped into Summerwings B&B, the hostess Grace’s accommodating and friendly greeting is like the cool sea breeze, contrasting with the blazing sunshine outside and blowing away the steaming heat on our shoulders. Wearing a casual T-shirt and a pair of shorts with her long brown curly hair parted on the side, a seemingly quiet woman, she actually bore a distinctive personality and full of ideas. Sharing her journey with us, her tender smile exuded the unchanging enthusiasm and persistence in life and freedom.    
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