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Sunny Day B&B | Shirley.Embrace the Mountain Lushness and Share the Beautiful Life with You
When the water was brought to a boil, Shirley loaded the pouring kettle with hot water, then poured it slowly into the dripper as the coffee grounds gradually rose up. Delightful aromas flowed in the air as the coffee dripped into the carafe. While Shirley concentrated on brewing coffee with a calm smile on her face, our minds also quieted down with the flowing of water. We were at Sunny Day B&B, where invited the natural elements into its space and presented four spacious rooms to the guests, embodying the hostess Shirley’s dedication to an ideal life.    
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The Door Inn | PEI.Depict Dreams on the Canvas of Life
Passing through the Dihua Commercial District in Dadaocheng area with various irresistible food aromas, we stepped into the alley packed with houses and their daily life. We meant to push the door open quietly, but the hostess PEI already greeted us with her shiny smile from behind the glass door. As the door opened, we were welcomed by a whiff of scent, just as sweet as PEI, who dressed girly with a refreshing vibe and whose eyes turned into moon crescents when she smiled. “The fragrance you are smelling is custom-made and exclusive to The Door Inn!” PEI’s words flowed in the fragrance blended with lavender, citrus, and lemon. When speaking of her past, she was comfortable as if we were just exchanging everyday conversation, but when she talked about how she transformed this old house into the lodging, her eyes were full of determination. The Door Inn was like a blank canvas on which PEI painted the ideal life of her own.    
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In Style House | Eason・The Emergency Physician with Wanderlust, Builds a Lodging with People in Mind
Wearing thin-framed glasses, a light blue vertical striped shirt, casual jeans and leather shoes, with his tall figure exuding an air of confidence, here comes Eason, the host of In Style House. He is actually an emergency physician, but because of his love for travelling, he always has a dream to open up a lodging. Talking about the trivia of In Style House in a composed way, Eason shares with us his belief in building the lodging around the needs of travellers and the continuous attention to the details. He would like to lead the travellers into the daily life of local people and create a second home in Kaohsiung for the guests.    
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