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In Style House | Eason・The Emergency Physician with Wanderlust, Builds a Lodging with People in Mind
Wearing thin-framed glasses, a light blue vertical striped shirt, casual jeans and leather shoes, with his tall figure exuding an air of confidence, here comes Eason, the host of In Style House. He is actually an emergency physician, but because of his love for travelling, he always has a dream to open up a lodging. Talking about the trivia of In Style House in a composed way, Eason shares with us his belief in building the lodging around the needs of travellers and the continuous attention to the details. He would like to lead the travellers into the daily life of local people and create a second home in Kaohsiung for the guests.    
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Houhu Garden & Resort | The Wendell’s Family・The Dream Home Built by Wendell’s Family
When we first met with Wendell, he looked shy and simple with a pair of glasses. He came out of the house and directed us to park under a tree. Just getting off the car, we saw Wendell’s father busy weeding and working in the garden, and the laughter of children playing on the porch and slide was also heard. A few red-faced Muscovy ducks passed by with their butt wiggling, while the cute dogs that were lying on the grassland for sunbathing, now running toward us to greet. Sitting by the porch, we chatted with Wendell about their family life here at Houhu Garden & Resort.    
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Summerwings B&B | Grace.Set the Heart Free and Build a Loving Home and Life with Her Husband
When we first stepped into Summerwings B&B, the hostess Grace’s accommodating and friendly greeting is like the cool sea breeze, contrasting with the blazing sunshine outside and blowing away the steaming heat on our shoulders. Wearing a casual T-shirt and a pair of shorts with her long brown curly hair parted on the side, a seemingly quiet woman, she actually bore a distinctive personality and full of ideas. Sharing her journey with us, her tender smile exuded the unchanging enthusiasm and persistence in life and freedom.    
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