Story of the Host

Discover the moving story of your hosts.
Shirley.Embrace the Mountain Lushness and Share the Beautiful Life with You
When the water was brought to a boil, Shirley loaded the pouring kettle with hot water, then poured it slowly into the dripper as the coffee grounds gradually rose up. Delightful aromas flowed in the air as the coffee dripped into the carafe. While Shirley concentrated on brewing coffee with a calm smile on her face, our minds also quieted down with the flowing of water. We were at Sunny Day B&B, where invited the natural elements into its space and presented four spacious rooms to the guests, embodying the hostess Shirley’s dedication to an ideal life.    
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With Decade-plus Camaraderie, the Trio Bonds to Fulfill Their Longings
When we arrived at Chill Roof Hotel, the sunlight poured in through the large windows behind the counter and brightens the lobby. Embraced by a whiff of fragrance, we changed into slippers and started to explore the space curiously. A wall of bookshelves was loaded with travel magazines and brochures, while the luggage deposit area was well organized. As we were wondering what kind of hosts would attend to such details and create such cosy and laid-back space, the trio of hosts – Xiaomao, Azong, and Qixin – came out from separate rooms. While walking toward us, they were still dealing with different hotel affairs. It is this effective teamwork that ensures every aspect of Chill Roof Hotel has been taken care of. Subverting the traditional stereotype of men, the trio has built Chill Roof with their aesthetic sense and perfectionist attitude, introducing travellers a hotel feels like home.    
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Jimmy.Rendering the Sunlight, Air and Water from Australia into the Ideal Life in Taipei
His clear eyes revealed pure passion while his burly figure was matched with tanned skin tone. Wearing a beard style with a strong personality and a refreshing smile, this was Jimmy, the rational architect with a wild imagination. He grew up in Australia with Taiwanese blood flowed in his veins as his parents were immigrants from Taiwan. However, he came to Taiwan as opportunity knocked and anchored here since, bearing the open mind and vision, building his longing meticulously.    
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