Story of the Host

Discover the moving story of your hosts.
Kevin and Partners.Full Steam Ahead on Creating a Lodging that Welcomes all Travellers
As soon as we stepped outside the elevator, a man in his casual outfit welcomed us with a simple smile. He was the host, Kevin, the navigator of NK Hostel. When speaking of the process of building NK Hostel, there was a sense of warmth and humor of a big boy hidden beneath his proud and confident look, just like the impression we got from NK Hostel, warm but with a distinct personality, laid-back and lively, elegant and passionate.    
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KK and Ivy・Live Hand in Hand with Nature by the River and Mountain
“I just think I should keep going, if I stop, that’s the time I get old.” The host KK says in an uninhibited way. He has a wide forehead and curved eyebrows, and the silver-rimmed glasses can’t hide the sparkles in his eyes. Hostess Ivy doesn’t talk much but loves to laugh. Her smile is like a crescent moon while her eyes are full of the warm greeting. When KK vividly explained the process of building Yilan Riverside House with his body language, Ivy just smiled by his side like she knew what he was going to say. Looking at the couple is like looking at the river nestling against the mountains. Let’s hear the story of how they join hands to build a beautiful life.    
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Grace.Set the Heart Free and Build a Loving Home and Life with Her Husband
When we first stepped into Summerwings B&B, the hostess Grace’s accommodating and friendly greeting is like the cool sea breeze, contrasting with the blazing sunshine outside and blowing away the steaming heat on our shoulders. Wearing a casual T-shirt and a pair of shorts with her long brown curly hair parted on the side, a seemingly quiet woman, she actually bore a distinctive personality and full of ideas. Sharing her journey with us, her tender smile exuded the unchanging enthusiasm and persistence in life and freedom.    
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