Story of the Host

Meet the moving story of the host.
Kevin and Partners.Full Steam Ahead on Creating a Lodging that Welcomes all Travellers
As soon as we stepped outside the elevator, a man in his casual outfit welcomed us with a simple smile. He was the host, Kevin, the navigator of NK Hostel. When speaking of the process of building NK Hostel, there was a sense of warmth and humor of a big boy hidden beneath his proud and confident look, just like the impression we got from NK Hostel, warm but with a distinct personality, laid-back and lively, elegant and passionate.    
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Aqua and Spark.The Gentle Dream Builders Like the Water Molecules from the Dried Flowers
Walking into Saw Green Space, travellers would just be embraced by the gentle ambience. As the space is replete with dried flowers with elegant fragrance and diverse yet harmonious colors, one might expect to see a lovely hostess coming out from the back of the glass floral studio and greet the guests. But actually, the hosts are two sweet-tempered boys, who serve you a cup of herbal tea upon your arrival. Aqua, born in 1979, is a Libra. Wearing black- rimmed glasses, his simple sharp look reflects his background in industrial design. And Spark, a Sagittarius born in 1987, wears a fresh smile on his fair-looking face. His eyes are full of creativity and resolution but still show a demeanor of a sunshine boy. These two, like the water molecules from the dried flowers, are the gentle dream builders of Saw Green Space.    
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Sumin.Setting off Waves of Creativity with Faith and Dedication
When we first met with the hostess Sumin, the glint of perseverance shown in her eyes and her shoulder-length hair was naturally side parted. Wearing a simple and sophisticated look, she spoke in a tender voice but straight to the point while emitting a confident but not intimidating vibe, fascinating us with her life story.    
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