Dear b&b Invites You to Stay in the Beauty of Taiwan

The lodgings throughout Taiwan offer travelers much more than a place to lay their heads.
They are often the place where the dreams of the hosts are realized.
Dear b&b visits in person, inspects in detail and presents in all honesty a multitude of lodgings, just for you.

Dear b&b is like a window which allows you to behold the many diverse lodgings from around Taiwan.
Wherever in the world you are from, we welcome you to stay in the beauty of Taiwan with us.

What We Stand For

The story within each lodging and behind each host provides the starting point for each of our b&b journeys.
We set out as travelers, determined to visit and evaluate each lodging, rigorously selecting only the best.

Dear b&b is Taiwan’s Online Select B&B Guide.
Our mission is to open a window through which you can behold all the heartwarming scenes of Taiwan.

Stories share the tale of ideal Taiwanese life

Our passion for life and for sharing helps us tell the stories of each lodging, giving them a personal warmth.

We look forward to sharing our genuine and comprehensive photographic records with you.
Our sincere descriptions chronicle the touching stories that could not be captured in our photographs, including the dreams of your hosts.
With the addition of our Weekly Feature, we seek to provide you with in-depth, local impressions and rich imagery.

You are cordially invited to take a trip, lean in close and listen to the ideal Taiwanese life.

Comprehensive photographic records

Step into each lodging through our detailed and complete photographic records.

Genuine descriptions

Perceive each touching atmosphere through our realistic descriptions.

Weekly Feature

Discover new Taiwanese locales through our in-depth Weekly Feature.

Rigorous Selection, Personal Interaction: We Bring You the Ultimate in Taiwanese Lodgings

Our rigorous selection of the best lodgings allows you to feel the charm of Taiwan.

We created our own unique Four Aspects evaluation system. From the space itself to the experience it provides, from the brand to the aesthetics, our detailed selection of lodgings is based upon our Three Heartfelt Promises.
These include Safe, Sweet, and Surprising, in order to assure you of the quality of each lodging.
We do not accept guesthouse sponsored reviews, and strive to keep all our listings up-to-date.

Allow us to act as your ideal guide in searching for the best lodgings in Taiwan.

Dear b&b’s Four Aspect

The Space

The physical space of the lodgings includes the natural and/or cultural environment, the architectural design of the building, as well as the interior furnishings and decor.

The Experience

From the reception experience to all other interactions with your hosts, this includes guided tours, handicraft workshops, exhibitions and performances, mealtime arrangements, and more.

The Aesthetics

From the space itself to the experience it emparts, aesthetic taste is the guiding principle that transmits the touching beauty of each lodging.

The Brand

Aesthetics guide all activities and experiences in order to exhibit a unique style and spirit, the brand of each lodging.

Dear b&b’s Three Heartfelt Promise


We understand your worries and provide peace of mind. Dear b&b gives priority to recommending legally registered inns and guesthouses. We pay special attention to all aspects of building safety, including fire safety, emergency escapes, hygienic conditions and insurance regulations so that you can enjoy peace of mind.


We’re clear about your concerns and are attentive to the. Beyond the basics of accommodation, all of the lodgings recommended by Dear b&b offer additional services to increase your comfort, including shuttles, female sanitary products and more.


We are aware of your preferences, and aim to please. All of the lodgings recommended by Dear b&b are unique and surprising. This may perhaps be due to the hosts, the architectural design or the style of decor. It may be due to the delicious meals, the guesthouse pets, or any number of other delights. Whatever the case, our recommendations are sure to please.

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  • 2012.12.28
    Life After the End of the World! Dear b&b official webpage launch
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    Top 100 Lodgings - 100 travel accommodations specially selected for you!
  • 2014.01
    First readers meetup - A Walking Date in Beitou
  • 2015.05
    First lodgings summer sharing event: “Your / My Ideal Lifestyle”
  • 2015.05
    Second lodgings summer sharing event: “Living Local”
  • 2017.05
    Selected as among the best female entrepreneurs in Taiwan by the #shemeansbusiness Project from Facebook
  • 2017.05
    Japanese Cooperation! First time working exclusively with HowtoTaiwan
  • 2017.05
    Third lodgings summer sharing event: “From Seed to Forest”
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    First international seminar! Fifth anniversary and 2017 Hongkongers meetup
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    Fourth lodgings summer sharing event: “Go! Let’s Explore the World Together”
  • 2019.07
    Dear b&b Official English and Japanese webpage launch!

Initial Motivation: About Our Cheerful Endeavor

As travel lovers who have visited many countries and then returned to Taiwan, we truly feel that the lodgings in Taiwan are world-class. Other countries have fancy hotels and inexpensive backpacker hostels, but most of these are run from a business perspective. Of course, there are also b&bs in other countries, where a family gives you an empty room to stay in…

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But the b&bs in Taiwan don’t simply offer travelers a place to lay their heads. They are often the place where guesthouse hosts realize their dreams.

Some of Taiwan’s b&b hosts lead natural, organic lifestyles, some seek to return to the splendor of former times in old-fashioned houses, while others transform their flights of fancy into fantastic spaces. Still more simply wish to share their ideal version of home with you. Such hosts envision creating a lodging that fulfills their dreams, the dreams of their beloved partner or the dreams of their offspring, and their love of what they do makes their dreams even more beautiful. All of these diverse dreams have, bit by bit, accumulated to shape the inspirational energy which characterizes the b&b culture of Taiwan.

And yet, however beautiful Taiwan’s b&b culture may be, very few people really get to know it. What has been missing, we feel, is a website that reflects all this beauty and can help travelers discover all the fine lodgings Taiwan has to offer.

Before December 28th, 2012, perhaps you felt a lot like us?

Did you often end up stuck in front of your computer for hours, surfing the boundless internet and opening random websites, dizzied by all the confusing guesthouse banners? Did you find yourself perusing forums, patiently pouring over the opinions of the masses?‌‌ Did you browse from blog to blog, uncovering a wealth of irrelevant information and a host of mediocre photographs?‌‌ Or perhaps you were worried that the reviews you’d read were biased, having been commissioned and paid for by the lodgings?

Sometimes, print media publications can be worthy of your consideration. Yet more often than not, some awesome, newer lodgings have just opened their doors. It’s also quite common for lodgings that have been featured in books to undergo renovations which cannot be updated for readers of out-dated print media publications. After they’ve been read, beautiful magazines often get forgotten by the wayside so that when you actually start planning a trip and need to book accommodations, you can never find them.

Like yourself, we’ve experienced all these vexing situations; we’re tired of all the blurry and confusing websites and we realize that the space limitations of print media publications simply don’t allow them to meet our information requirements. After all, we just want to find a place to stay. Why is it always so difficult?

We feel that when you set out on a highly anticipated trip, it adds tremendously to the whole experience to have joyful memories of your travel accommodations. We also believe that finding your ideal lodgings should be a beautiful journey in and of itself.

It was for exactly these reasons that Dear b&b was born.

We envision Dear b&b as a window in the city looking out over all the rich and diverse lodgings throughout Taiwan.

In our aim to relate the many touching stories from around Taiwan to you, we also have high expectations for ourselves. There are so many stories about perseverance in one’s ideals, and the realization of one’s dreams. We want everyone in Taiwan and abroad to witness the good in this country, to find their ideal lodgings, and to stay in the beauty of Taiwan.

Why do Travelers Love Dear b&b?

“They’re called Dear b&b because every traveler that uses their platform is like a dear friend to them. They hope that through their website they can help every traveler who visits Taiwan to find high-quality lodgings. It’s as if they’re saying: My dear friend, here is your ideal guesthouse!”
Hong Kong | Taiwan go with me
“Ever since [discovering Dear b&b], each time I plan a trip to Taiwan, I‌ feel at ease jumping excitedly onto the website and hunting for lodgings like I’m unearthing buried treasure. Simply put, I‌ get excited even before I set off! The only fault is this:‌ there are so many quality lodgings to admire that, in the end, I just can’t decide! I really want to spend a night in every single one of them!”
Hong Kong | Slow & Travel – Keep calm and Travel on
“I’ve truly forgotten how it was that I heard about this website, but every time I‌ enter the site, I can’t help but think I‌ wish we’d met sooner, I wish we’d met sooner, I wish we’d met sooner! It’s truly not an easy feat to offer clear information in an orderly format that can quickly filter out what you’re looking for!”
Taiwan | La Vita e bella
“When I enter the official website, I’m totally transfixed! It imparts a kind of certainty to women, to those looking for comfort, and to those who want to stay in a place that fulfills them, from the bottom of their heart.”
Taiwan | En Life – Gui Xiao-Sun
“Their writings have a beautiful warmth to them. Each article has been thoroughly researched to contain unique information gathered through in-person interviews. Compared to many of the popular magazines which contain cold, inflexible reporting and thousands of very similar write-ups, Dear b&b has the quality of storytelling, and an editing style that incites yearning in the reader.”
“Just like that, I unwittingly lost myself in the Dear b&b website. As I browsed the site, wanting to follow in their footsteps,‌ I was able to visit one fascinating guesthouse after another, and I felt my travel life enriched immensely.”
Taiwan | Tammy’s Treasure Case

Why do Hosts Love Dear b&b?

ho̍k house -
Nato & Trista

“Every time our friends ask us where in Taiwan they can go specifically for the guesthouse experience, the first thing we do is ask them to enter the Dear b&b website and experience a visit firsthand. They immediately experience the unreserved sharing, the peace of mind and the attention to detail. Dear b&b answers all of our questions, and that’s exactly why we love it!”

7 Days 4 Seasons B&B
- May

“Praiseworthy determination in an age when it is difficult to persevere.”

Taiori -
Wesley & Shan

Dear b&b is a team of young women who are dedicated to their convictions. They’re determined to serve as a positive force in transmitting the beauty of Taiwan to others, and as a bridge between guesthouses and travelers.”

Chooart Villa -

“While most booking websites consist only of cold numbers, the two founders of Dear b&b, Rae &‌ Minchelle, diligently travel to all areas of Taiwan so that travelers can have access to information about the most unique and welcoming lodgings in the country. Follow in the footsteps of Dear b&b to experience the beauty of Taiwan!”

13 House -
Mr. and Mrs. Li

“When Dear b&b pays someone a visit, they use their own sincere feelings to report the most beautiful experience. Then they take the true beauty they see and fix it surely in mind.“

Back to the Old Tainan
- Andy

“Travel is another way to experience the good life. Through Dear b&b’s female perspective, travelers can see the details and the charm of their potential lodgings. Entering the Dear b&b website marks the beginning of a relaxed journey guaranteed to please all five senses.”

Hotel Everyday Life -
Xiao Ding

“From the first time I‌ encountered Dear b&b, I could perceive their thoughtful work ethic. They insist upon upholding their business ideals all while maintaining the quality of the information on their website. They are a responsible, professional team.”

Meni’s Place -

“Even before becoming a guesthouse owner, I‌ loved using‌ Dear b&b. I always liked how they put themselves in every travelers’ shoes. The exhaustive photography and meticulous reporting on every page of the website takes travelers along to each location and is completely suited to a fussy, detail-oriented person such as myself. On Dear b&b, I’m always able to find the kind of guesthouse I’m longing to experience. Later on, after starting to operate my own guesthouse, they interviewed me using a professional attitude and every technique imaginable. Using original words and pictures, they captured the sunlight cast into each unique corner of my guesthouse, all of which completely won me over.”

Flip Flop Hostel Garden
- Jasper

“Travel is the exploration and convergence of minds. Dear b&b understands and values this kind of romance, describing in detail what they see at each guesthouse they select, and then sharing it with all the fellow travelers who expectantly await the travel feast.”

Take a Walk -

“Auguste Rodin once said, ‘In short, Beauty is everywhere. It is not that she is lacking to our eye, but our eyes which fail to perceive her.’ Dear b&b acts as a surrogate eye for travelers, poring over the beauty of Taiwanese lodgings.”

No.55 Hostel -

“The team at Dear b&b really looks at things from the perspective of the adventurer and is committed to helping resolve the traveler’s questions and problems. They will even help you think of the things you forgot to consider. Dear b&b’s aesthetically pleasing pictures, their romantic articles, their sincere recommendations… all these things are exactly what travelers need!”

Migrant Intertidal Guesthouse -
Sister Meiman and Brother Yang

“I remember the first time I met them, they were just brimming with ideas and devotion. That really touched me and reminded me of my own initial motivation. Watching them persist in their ideals all along, I‌ offer my full support, in order to allow even more people to see the flame of their passion which continues to burn.”



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Dear b&b 共同創辦人溫名秀:用自己的聲音,說個故事給自己聽



Dear b&b 共同創辦人溫名秀:用自己的聲音,說個故事給自己聽



Dear b&b 共同創辦人溫名秀:用自己的聲音,說個故事給自己聽



Dear b&b 共同創辦人溫名秀:用自己的聲音,說個故事給自己聽



Dear b&b 共同創辦人溫名秀:用自己的聲音,說個故事給自己聽



Dear b&b 共同創辦人溫名秀:用自己的聲音,說個故事給自己聽



Dear b&b 共同創辦人溫名秀:用自己的聲音,說個故事給自己聽



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