Taipei (Ximending)

Ximen Wow Hostel


Stay One Night in Ximen and Explore the Chic Hostel at the Confluence of Old and New


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  • The tranquility and excitement of Ximen Shopping District can be taken in from the terrace
  • Encounter the bustling nightclubs of the past at the confluence of new and old trends
  • Located at the center of Ximending, one of the most fashionable and popular areas in Taipei

Our Stay

Discover the wonder of the lodging.

Stay One Night in Ximen and Explore the Chic Hostel at the Confluence of Old and New

After arriving at Taipei Main Station, you immediately take the MRT and head to Ximen, where old and new culture blend in seamlessly. While hordes of people and a variety of stores pass you by, a wall of retro posters of flirtatious showgirls catches your eyes and halts your step. The girls are smiling so brightly on the posters, making you wonder if the time has been frozen in the heyday of nightclubs. Under the gazes of the poster girls, you step into the elevator which takes you to the 8th floor. When the elevator door opens, a bright yellow shipping container pops out at you – here is the warmest welcome from Ximen Wow Hostel!



The encounter of aged building and youthful hostel

Upon opening the container door, you find a mix of rough cement ceiling and a few black steel components, with a warm yellow glow in the spacious lounge. As a newly arrived backpacker, you walk through the white marble tile floor from the original commercial building to join the other travellers from all over the world. While you sit in the retro sofa chairs and exchange smiles and small talks with others, the prelude to your trip just begins.


交In the lounge, travellers sit and laugh around the long wooden table, while the aroma of exotic spices from the cooking area just spreads over. In addition to sharing foreign delicacies, one of the travellers even picks up the guitar in the corner and plays music for everyone. As people dance, swing, and smile at each other, the lounge is painted colorful with the strokes of vigor and vitality.


When the party is over, feeling a little tipsy, travellers wave goodnight and each goes to sleep in the bunk beds. Here, you won’t see the usual single-rail ladder between upper and lower beds, as Ximen Wow Hostel builds stable fixed wooden stairs for you to step into upper bed with safety assured. After a night of revelling, you can rest and recharge just by drawing the opaque denim curtain to enjoy personal privacy.



The terrace that bears dream and love

Upon waking up, you are welcomed by the genial sunlight on the terrace just outside the lounge. Leaning on the railing, you can enjoy the tranquil early morning before the whole Ximending rises again. This gorgeous terrace is the hostess Xinxin’s favorite. Designed by Xinxin’s husband, the extended outdoor terrace allows travellers to walk into the vista. When it comes to the story of building Ximen Wow Hostel, Xinxin just can’t hide her sweet love for her husband between her jolly smile and the eyes glowing with happiness.


Under the sunset, we admire the skyline above the cluster of buildings in Ximending area while our minds also become broadened. “Running a hostel is my dream!” says Xinxin with a smile. And despite knowing that the cost of this dream is huge, with the unlimited support from her husband, Xinxin is able to realize her dream and share this impressive view and dynamic scenery of Ximending with travellers.



Ximen Wow Hostel brings you real WOW!

Step out Ximen Wow Hostel, within a 5-minute walk, you’ll meet the Exit 6 of MRT Ximen Station. The square nearby is the hub of eight-branched intersection with each road leading to different surprises. There is the iconic historic building Red House now serves as a creative space where you can meet arts and performances. Or you may applaud the creativity of a huge graffiti wall located by the entire street devoted to movie theaters. The mysterious Tattoo Lane is as worth exploring as the various local eateries on streets. If you’d like to take a closer look at Taiwanese culture, Longshan Temple and Bopiliao historic section are both in the neighborhood, where you can experience the traditional life by visiting these sites.


Stay one night at Ximen Wow Hostel as your starting point for exploring Ximending. Be embraced by the urban scenery mixed with old and new trends and the energy of streets culture. The vibrant Ximending district is awash with novelty and tradition that will keep you busy!