Saw Green Space


The Wonderful Joy Cultivated in the Shimmering Greenhouse


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Dear b&b Three Heartfelt Promises Certification

  • The dream space incorporated with a floral studio
  • Rooms with four themes of dried flowers
  • Exclusive floral crafts lessons
  • Located at Haian Road Business District

Our Stay

Discover the wonder of the lodging.

The Wonderful Joy Cultivated in the Shimmering Greenhouse

It is a dream. A green dream with the scent of forest in the air. The sun shines softly as the wind blows gently. Spring is preserved here forever. No one else, just me and a fawn, crane our necks and tiptoe, searching for the source of the fragrance of flowers. Saw Green Space, like a secret forest in the city, is an aromatic greenhouse in an old building, leading to a magical journey between wonderful dreams. Sun, air, and water, the three essential elements of life, together compose the Saw Green Space, which is an ever-present existence, gentle and pure, like the flowers always in full bloom.



The green floral studio that trades dreams

Located at one alley end connecting Haian Road of Tainan, the upper body of the lodging is painted in powder white, while the storefront greenhouse is made of black frames and large glass windows. Inside, a variety of dried flower bouquets are hung from the ceiling or sit here and there, as if they are hatching from the hotbeds of dreams. At another corner, potted succulent plants bask in the gentle sunlight. Pushing open the wire mesh door and being welcomed by the faint fragrance flowing in the air, you meet with the lodging in your reverie, the Saw Green Space.


When your gaze sweeps the bouquets of dried flowers, the sweet imaginations in your mind seem to be lit. You are like the innocent little girl deep in your heart, who walks into the story box of dreams and call the name of each flower. Watching how the flowers are preserved in their most gorgeous looks reminds you that once your tears of worry also evaporated in this way. Now you only want to stay in the very moment of happiness with your favorite flowers within the gaze.


Warm and friendly staff show you around the charming studio with a greenhouse on the ground floor. The cosy green leather sofa and the exquisite wood cabinet table, are exactly what you would draw on the sketch paper for your ideal space arrangement. These pieces are collected from the hosts’ strolls in some furniture stores, as they would like to share this wonderfulness with travellers. The afternoon sunshine pours on the wood table, and you relax and breathe together with the flowers and plants in the green light. At the moment, you know you have never been this close to your dream.


Four fragrant journeys of dried Flowers in Four Rooms

By keeping the original terrazzo staircase, the space retains the retro charm of the old house. Putting on the indoor slippers, you step onto the stairs and gladly find the warm wooden floor upstairs extending the passage of your footsteps in the light. The flowers that are drying or experimenting are hung in the hallway, enjoying the magic transformation with you. Before the dehydration completes, the air has been filled with all kinds of wonderful possibilities.


An exclusive wreath is hung on the white door of each room. The idea to assign the names of flowers to each room embodies how the hosts integrate their dreams into daily life. Walking into the Quad Room of Acorn is like hiding into the warm tree hole of squirrels. Based on the brown color scheme, the room is decorated with dried acorns, along with cypresses, cedars, and woodroses. When you lie in the soft white bed, looking up at the acorns and plants hung from the ceiling is like watching a campfire in the dark night. Sharing an endless intimate chatting through the night, this is a party in the forest that extends all the way into the dreamland. Lavender Room is like the little garden for girls to have a picnic. The gradation of pastel purple eases your mind, while your imagination is permeated by the faint scent and elegant purple hue as well. As the statice flower symbolizes endurance and lavender denotes devoted love, gently they soothe the souls that need to be healed and guard the long-lasting friendship between you and your besties, for you to sleep soundly. In the Twin Room of Physalis Alkekengi (also known as Chinese Lantern), a sour and sweet dream is in the making. A mustard-yellow sofa brightens the corner, and the bunches of red paper lantern-like physalis alkekengi and the pine leaves hanging from the ceiling, reminding you of the season that people exchanging gifts as warm blessings. Room of Hydrandrea represents the Japanese style of romance. While a bunch of blue-violet flowers is dried and faded into brown gold, within a blink, the Japanese reeds seem to sway in the breeze. Afternoon sunshine slants through the wood shutters, gently waking up your love from the sweet dreams.


The Pure and Eternal, Gentle and Firm Promises

When the night falls, you walk into the quiet floral studio on the ground floor, which is like a box with warm gleams. Now the bustling crowd is gone, Saw Green Space is full of tranquil and gentle ambiance. The green pouring like waterfalls is the fairies’ hair, light and carefree. The snowy cotton flowers are the innocent and soft hearts of angles. The seasons change, but spring seems to be frozen here, and the winter gets lost in the flowery forest.


Waking up in the aromatic morning, let’s say good morning to the hosts and start the day by creating a beautiful little garden with the flowers! By making a reservation beforehand, the guests staying in the lodging can enjoy exclusive lessons like making small wreaths or bouquets. Under the guidance of the hosts, everyone can make the most charming flower arrangement works for themselves.


This is not only a dream but also a promise from the hosts. When you desire to get away into a loving dream to seal up the memories of your own, just walk into Saw Green Space. In here, your senses become acuter so you can perceive the softest inner self, capture that part of yourself, and preserve it in its most beautiful moment like dried flowers. Saw Green Space, always in full bloom, keeps its gentle and firm promise of preserving the pure and eternal dream for you.



Story of the Host

Meet the moving story of the host.

Aqua and Spark.The Gentle Dream Builders Like the Water Molecules from the Dried Flowers

Walking into Saw Green Space, travellers would just be embraced by the gentle ambience. As the space is replete with dried flowers with elegant fragrance and diverse yet harmonious colors, one might expect to see a lovely hostess coming out from the back of the glass floral studio and greet the guests. But actually, the hosts are two sweet-tempered boys, who serve you a cup of herbal tea upon your arrival. Aqua, born in 1979, is a Libra. Wearing black- rimmed glasses, his simple sharp look reflects his background in industrial design. And Spark, a Sagittarius born in 1987, wears a fresh smile on his fair-looking face. His eyes are full of creativity and resolution but still show a demeanor of a sunshine boy. These two, like the water molecules from the dried flowers, are the gentle dream builders of Saw Green Space.



The first bouquet sold brought the warmth of encouragement

The two met in a gathering, and it turned out to be their starting point of building the dream together. Born into a family that valued aesthetic design, Spark had always been interested in the floral art since he was a child. Under the guidance of an instructor, he began to learn pressed flower craft as a pupil, and even published a book on the craft. As the enthusiasm from childhood constantly watered the garden in his heart, he dreamed about opening up a floral shop, b&b, and even an aquarium. And therefore, he chose to study in design in high school and college, in order to realize his own longing for creating appealing spaces. And in the meantime, he also continued to play with his favorite plants and flowers.


As a graduate of National Cheng Kung University with a degree in Industrial Design, Aqua started a career in the technology industry, designing products and software interfaces in Northern Taiwan. During that period, he worked under huge pressure and dealt with fast changes every day. At work, he had to face cold machines, thus in his off time, he always liked to commune with lively plants in order to balance the hard and cold work life. Gradually, he has developed the interests in succulent plants and dried flowers.


Aqua and Spark met and then discovered that they shared the same interests in flowers. They started to join the market in Huashan Creative Park and other markets as a vendor of dried flowers and simply enjoyed sharing what they loved with others. The first bouquet they sold was in a drizzling rainy day. As only a few people visited the market, they didn’t expect to have any customers in such bad weather. However, a traveller from Hong Kong stopped at their stall and picked up a bouquet. While wrapping up the flowers, they chatted with the traveller. And Aqua and Spark just realized that, like they were encouraged by this unexpected customer, people in this crowded city could use some warmth from others as well. Thus, as the beauty of their dried flower bouquets has been seen by more and more people, Aqua and Spark have found the newly inspired selves and the future they were eager to pursue.


Work hard happily, and work hard to be happy

Planting, purchasing, packaging, and vending in the markets, originally as a hobby, the business of dried flower turned out to be another door for Aqua and Spark’s life. Auqa found himself losing the passion for industrial design, as dealing with similar interface designs and codes daily limited his vision of life. On the other hand, Spark was the one who had a long- term sight, and from the sense of achievement, he found the stairs leading to the possible realization of their dream. Together, they spent three months building “Saw Green Studio” in Taipei. Aqua then quit his job in the technology industry, while Spark also fully invested in the studio. They were determined to follow their hearts and bring the dream of dried flowers to full bloom!


Aqua and Spark, who loved to discover beautiful things in life, continued to search more inspirations in the field of dried flowers. Back then, there were neither many people acquainted with dried flowers, nor teachers or experts with professional authority in such field. They just delved into Japanese books on flowers, went on Pinterest to find photos as models to learn from, and went to Neihu Flower Market at 4 or 5 a.m., buying flowers to experiment boldly with repeated practices. Even though the heavy work kept consuming their energy and money, they were propelled by their huge enthusiasm. Eventually, their efforts were seen and they even became friends with some florists. Although the two occasionally fought, they still complemented each other, as Spark was the one with more sensibility and Aqua was the one with more sense. Spark has always embraced challenges and been persuasive about ideals, while Aqua would calmly analyze the picture and help Spark overcome his impetuosity.


“Work hard happily, and work hard to be happy,” said Aqua, tilting his head to one side with a shy smile. The pursuing of ideal would be like this. Those who with great dreams bore sweet responsibilities, and even if the hardest part was being responsible for themselves, their eyes still sparkled with ideals.


The big boys who sell the bouquets and tell the stories of time

After running “Saw Green Studio” in Taipei for two years, in 2015, the two went to Aqua’s hometown in Tainan to open “Saw Green Space,” which incorporated the lodging space with a floral studio. They began being on the run from one establishment to another, shuttling between Taipei and Tainan. Being detail-oriented, they personally made a lot of effort making sure that every aspect of the space lived up to their standards. One minute they were at the coffee shop next door teaching a lesson on dried flowers, the next they were at the lodging space doing renovation work. In the past, they only went to Tainan to join holiday markets; but now, they brought their dream back to the place where they could lead a down-to-earth life. They wanted to let people see the beauty of dried flowers and smell the scent of greenery on the street of Tainan, so despite the difficulty of realizing the dream, they still kept working toward it. As their sweat and tears were dried in the sun, they preserved the dream just like preserving dried flowers.


The story of Aqua and Spark building the dream was like the changing beauty of dried flowers in different periods – they assigned new life to the things once lived. And what made them willing to keep going, was actually the wonderful exchange that came with each teaching session. They both coincidentally said, “Teaching would fire each other’s enthusiasm.” In the field of dried flowers with the ever-changing warmth of life, everyone could deliver his or her own creativity. “Sometimes, I also found what I have overlooked in my students. Teaching is the process of being sought and at the same time enriching oneself constantly.” The two boys, who sold the bouquets and crafts, worked hard to collect the fleeting beauty of life while pursuing their dreams, embracing the time and memories belonged to themselves wholeheartedly.


“You see, SAW stands for Sun, Air, and Water.” Aqua and Spark explained the secret symbols hidden in the text. They were like two floral wizards, holding the magic wands and turning these essential elements of life into the beautiful bouquets of dried flowers behind them. With the accumulation of time, one single flower turned into a bouquet, then eventually transformed into a floral forest of dreams, elegant and heart-warming, pure and eternal. The gentle ideal of Aqua and Spark was like the afternoon sun we met that day, like the bunch of sun-baked flowers, and like the water molecules that watered the dreams and moisturized the life.