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Juhu Farmstay

Journey to a Mountain Residence of Endless Surprises


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  • A 30-hectare secret garden surrounded by mountains
  • A cliff-side swing to feel yourself flying over the Pacific Ocean
  • Customized adventure outings
  • Ecological night tours through mountain forests
  • Fresh vegetarian breakfast of multi-colored fruits and vegetables

Our Stay

Discover the wonder of the lodging.

Journey to a Mountain Residence of Endless Surprises

You drive along a winding mountain road and the silence along the way gives you the feeling that you’re about to arrive at a secluded, secret place. You get the sense that you’ve traveled around the entire mountain, yet the navigation signals you ever farther. The natural scenery out the car window excites you as you approach Juhu Villa; a quiet place brimming with vitality.



A treasure chest of natural wonders deep in the mountains

At last, Xiao Hei, the lively little black dog, approaches the car to welcome you upon arrival. You see baskets of freshly-picked tangerines, and a bunch of hardy bananas on a wooden table. Like an elder uncle walking across a field, your amiable host, Mr. Lai, approaches with an amiable smile. With no neighbors in sight, everyone in this place of vitality and warmth quickly makes the acquaintance of the sky, the earth, and the abundant wildlife.


You walk with Mr. Lai up a sloping road towards the independent lodging area. The sublime scene that greets you is of beautiful primrose blossoms lining the road and butterflies dancing between them. Xiao Hei and the endless mountain scenery accompany you on your stroll as mind and body relax. Mr. Lai points to the distant mountains on either side, saying, “Our home extends from here to there…” Like a child of the Earth herself, he names for you the many tree and plant species along the way; tomatoes, persimmons, dragon fruit, banana... “Listen! That’s the call of the muntjac deer!” From far off in the surrounding quiet we heard the bark of a strange and mysterious animal. Pointing once again to a distant mountain ridge, he exclaims, “Formosan serows inhabit those mountains!” You can’t believe the sharpness of Mr. Lai’s sight. As you squint your eyes in the direction of his hand, trying to catch a glimpse of that rare specimen of majestic wildlife, the curiosity of a newborn calf arises within you. Following his footsteps, you feel like you are exploring a treasure chest full of natural wonders, discovering endless surprises.



The stony path up the cold mountain is steep. A household lies deep in the high mountains.

After climbing the steep road, you and Mr. Lai catch your breath on a terrace situated between the high mountains. Suddenly you catch a glimpse of light reflecting off azure waters: the faraway Pacific Ocean. You greet the breeze from off the Pacific Ocean with beads of sweat and blushing cheeks as the sun kisses your moist hair. You close your eyes and take a deep breath. At this moment, you feel just like a mountain spirit beholding the Earth for the first time.


Three white bungalows sit to one side of the road, simple and elegant. French windows allow the beautiful scenery to merge with the interior of each residence, giving you a place from which to observe the natural mountain scenery. In the Maroon Oriole Residence, the pink and rouge color scheme of the Chinese court-style dwelling gives you and family the satisfaction of vacationing in a child-pleasing pink abode. In the mustard-yellow decor of the Collared Scops Owl Residence, you enter the magnificence of classical European style, with the smell of rosemary and green oranges outside. The colors of the Formosan Blue Magpie Residence are just as lively and clamorous as the bird for which it is named. You relax in both body and mind amid elements of maritime Greece that give you the impression of an ocean voyage.


No matter which residence you inhabit, all have a spacious balcony overlooking the mountains, and a large bathtub in a roomy bathroom to help spoil your world-weary body. When you visit the bathroom, remember to take a moment to admire the toilet, and you will be pleasantly surprised by your host’s careful attention to detail!



Make your way to a world-class villa with unparalleled mountain views

The sky is still light after you finish checking in, and Xiao Hei seems to know that it’s about time to go out to play as he suddenly starts bouncing around and wagging his tail. Mr. Lai has finished his farming work and invites you to experience an activity with a set itinerary. With expectation and excitement, you and your friends jump aboard the little blue work truck, gasping with excitement as you bounce along the steep, rugged mountain road and the beautiful environs fly past you, hinting of the unimaginable journey to come.


Mr. Lai stops the truck on a flat section of the hillside as a crested goshawk spirals above your head and off into the distance. Looking down you see the Changbin plains and the Pacific Ocean beyond. You seem to be able to make out Green Island in the fog off the coast. Hanging from a large tree by the hillside is a swing, and after being reassured by Mr. Lai, you bravely give it a try. A few good pumps later, you seem to soar into the sky! You feel the rushing wind on your extended legs as you surge forward, gripping the ropes tightly in your hands. You hold your breath and release a great, unreserved shout. You can’t believe that such a private, world-class scenic spot could exist here in Taiwan. You feel like a small bird enjoying the swiftness of soaring through the air.


Once the sky is dark, you can no longer hang in the mountain swing, but Mr. Lai’s wife, Mei-jyu, has already prepared a full table of tasty, organic cuisine for you. After dinner, you chat about life with your friends in the open-air mountainside dining area, enjoying the comforts of this farming household. Afterwards, you might again explore the mountain environment alongside Mr. Lai. In the darkness, you drop your voice and quietly gasp in wonder as you encounter a little muntjac deer, a flying squirrel, an owl, and all sorts of spider webs. It is as if, on this mountain forest adventure, everyone regains the pure innocence of children.


Early in the morning, as the sun once again blankets the entire mountain, you enjoy a multicolored vegetarian breakfast. The many adventures of the night before still linger in your heart and mind as you marvel at the glistening splendor of nature before your eyes. You feel like you are living in a mountain retreat painted by the brush of Wang Wei, a well-known Chinese landscape poet. Deep in the mountains, you experience the beauty of a simpler lifestyle and explore all the precious surprises that nature has to offer. When it is time to leave, your reluctance to leave transforms into immense gratitude as you give thanks for the rich offerings of the natural world, and to Mr. Lai and Mei-jyu for their passionate love of nature and their unreserved sharing.



Story of the Host

Meet the moving story of the host.

Mr. Lai and Mei-jyu.A Mountain Boy, and the Girl Who Knew She Would Marry into the Country

Even before the car door opens wide, the first member of Juhu Villa to greet you is a furry little black dog, Xiao Hei. Next comes Mr. Lai, strolling out from behind his family home. Dressed in simple clothing and wearing a bashful smile, he appears before you like any country boy, exuding a generous and friendly ambiance. Pointing to the freshly harvested bananas on the table, he says, “Have some! Don’t be shy!”



A boy who belongs to the mountains and fields - Mr. Lai

As we walk together, we are astounded by Mr. Lai’s penetrating insight into these mountain jungles. From these tiny flowers and plants along the path to trees towering in the distance, from that soaring goshawk to mountain goats in far-off fields, Mr. Lai can give a detailed explanation of everything, as if from a directory which he holds within his mind. Through the magnifying glass of his eyes and words, we gain an intimate understanding of every minute detail of Juhu Villa.


“I’ve been here since birth.” We open our eyes in awe at the idea that someone could spend nearly their entire life on a distant mountain such as this. Mr. Lai has grown up in this place, a third-generation farmer in this time when farmers are hard pressed to turn a profit and flocking to the cities. Even so, Mr. Lai, the family’s sixth son, chose to walk a different path. With is pious nature, he chose to remain here when his father’s health was failing. He experienced firsthand the convenience of the big city while completing his studies in Taipei where he also worked part time help his family financially. While there he also completed his military service, yet when, after four years in the city, it was time to return to the mountains, he didn’t hesitate for a moment. He is able to climb up with his bare hands the wire obstacle course he has set up, and quickly and easily ascend the trees above the river valley. In his excitement, he has constructed a high-mountain swing to fill guests with a sense of security and show them that there is nothing to fear. He is a mountain boy, and this is his home.


With is attitude of lifelong learning, he has filled his home with all sorts of guide books concerning birds, fish, plants, and rocks. With his nature-loving philosophy, Mr. Lai has personally visited every place in this mountain environment. Combining his interests with his guesthouse, he happily gives guided tours, allowing ever more travelers to stand upon his shoulders and gain a profound understanding of nature.


The girl who knew she would marry into the country - Mei-jyu

We met Mei-jyu the next morning at breakfast time, with her curly, ash-gray hair and simple clothing, her smiling eyes and genial smile. Like the balmy morning sunshine, she makes her guests feel close and dear.


Also a nature-lover, Mei-jyu grew up in Kaohsiung City, yet she didn’t like having neighbors and yearned for a quiet, peaceful life. From her days working as a nurse at the Mennonite Christian Hospital in Hualien City, she developed a fondness of accompanying her aboriginal friends into the mountains, earning her the nickname Mountain Boar. She lacked the delicacy most young girls had, and could always keep up with her friends even when carrying a heavy load. Perhaps it was this natural inclination which fated her to meet with Mr. Lai, a kind of serendipitous agreement which drew them together and bound them.


Before she had reached her thirtieth year, Mei-jyu had vowed that she “wanted to marry a man who had no neighbors.” Around that time, Mei-jyu’s friend was introduced to Mr. Lai and they went on a date, but the friend was scared off by her first trip to the mountains. The friend then remembered Mei-jyu’s vow and introduced Mr. Lai to her. Mei-jyu jokes that she really did fall in love at first sight… with the mountains! Mr. Lai himself jokes that, “It was really the mountains that she wanted, and I’m just an accessory!” The sweet bickering of the playful old couple really made us all laugh as we listened to their story. Perhaps neither of them wants to admit it, but we could all tell that it was Mr. Lai’s honest and tolerant nature that actually evoked Mei-jyu’s love. The first time Mei-jyu visited their down-to-earth home, she was surprised by the number of books there were. She also really liked Mr. Lai’s amiable old mother. Though Mr. Lai is somewhat antiquated, he has created a simple life that Mei-jyu can’t help but appreciate. Naturally, that glimmer of goodness in their eyes led them to marriage.


We asked, “So now that the beautiful dream has come true, and you live in a home without neighbors, are you still extremely fond of this kind of life?” Mei-jyu nodded her head resolutely and said, “Even though 20 years have passed, I still really like this place. It has become a part of my life. This place is my home.”


“In the name of romance, the whole forest can be abandoned”

On that mountain where phone reception doesn’t exist, in an era before messaging software even existed, they are strolling along the sloping mountain road while the birds sing the overture of their love affair. The endless mountain range is the backdrop for their memories. The love that gradually accumulated in that pure and simple era has crystalized into an even longer-lasting, thought-provoking aroma.


Their predestined encounter is the archetype of a classical Taiwanese love story, using profound letters to express their implicit affection, with a sense of trust and security that accumulated silently over time to create a home. They have operated at their own preferred pace to build a family with two children and a little black dog, and their bashful interaction remains as sweet as ever.


In front of the orange basket, we recorded this warm and beautiful portrait of rural family life. It was our good fortune to bear witness to their happy life in the mountain forests, and to listen to a love story from a simpler, bygone era. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Mr. Lai for his selfless sharing which filled our journey with delight. The considerate love of Mei-jyu allowed us to see a woman’s tender resilience. Their story reminds us of the kind of tea served in a farming village, plain and simple yet with a sweet aftertaste.


Room Type and Price

Room Type


Collared Scops Owl Residence
2 guests

NTD 4,200 ~ 6,900/room


Breakfast included, On the 1st floor, Indoor 53 m2、Outdoor 17 m2, Mountain view, In-room bathroom, 1 double bed, Bathtub for Two, Up to 2 extra person (with extra bed) (more)

Price List

Formosan Blue Magpie Residence
2 guests

NTD 4,200 ~ 6,900/room


Breakfast included, On the 1st floor, Indoor 53 m2、Outdoor 17 m2, Mountain view, In-room bathroom, 1 double bed, Bathtub for Two, Up to 2 extra person (with extra bed) (more)

Price List

Maroon Oriole Residence
2 guests

NTD 4,200 ~ 6,900/room


Breakfast included, On the 1st floor, Indoor 57 m2、Outdoor 17 m2, Mountain view, In-room bathroom, 1 double bed, Bathtub for Two, Up to 2 extra person (with extra bed) (more)

Price List

Price List

Booking Info

  • Breakfast included: Healthy (adjusted with seasonal ingredients)
  • Regular days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Holidays: Friday, Saturday, National Holidays and The day before national holiday
  • Extra person with or without extra bed. Extra bed: NTD1,000 per person; Without extra bed: NTD300 per child under the cm of 90
  • Travelers with large luggage or disabilities please note that the lodging is not equipped with an elevator.
  • Accessible room(s) on the ground floor suitable for travelers with large luggage or disabilities.
  • Paid dinner available by reservation, NTD500 per person (children and adults alike); please make reservation upon booking.
  • The room types and rates are for reference only, for the most updated details, please refer to the lodging’s official website. It is recommended to check the rates and related info with the host before booking.

Cancellation and Postponement Policy

  • Refund for canceling your reservation due to personal reasons will be transferred according to the following rules:
    • 100% of the paid amount will be refunded for canceling 14 days prior to reservation date.
    • 70% of the paid amount will be refunded for canceling 10 ~ 13 days prior to reservation date.
    • 50% of the paid amount will be refunded for canceling 7 ~ 9 days prior to reservation date.
    • 40% of the paid amount will be refunded for canceling 4 ~ 6 days prior to reservation date.
    • 30% of the paid amount will be refunded for canceling 2 ~ 3 days prior to reservation date.
    • 20% of the paid amount will be refunded for canceling 1 days prior to reservation date.
    • No refund will be made for canceling on reservation date or no show.
  • The room types and rates are for reference only, for the most updated details, please refer to the lodging’s official website. It is recommended to check the rates and related info with the host before booking.

Lodging Info

By car

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Public transportation

  • Distance between lodging and nearby transportation spots:
      • Taitung Airport: 83.9 km. For timetable and fare, please visit 臺東航空站.
      • Fugang Harbor: 71.2 km
      • Yuli Train Station: 31 km. For timetable and fare, please visit 台灣鐵路管理局.
      • Dongli Train Station: 30.1 km. For timetable and fare, please visit 台灣鐵路管理局.
      • YongFu (North YongFu) Bus Stop: 5.7 km. For timetable and fare, please visit 花蓮客運, 鼎東汽車客運.
      • It is recommended to transfer from Yuli train station by taxi: about 48 minutes, NTD750 (time and fare are for reference only).
  • Lodging provides shuttle service to and from transportation spot with reservation in advance. Please refer to the Booking Info section for details.

After booking is confirmed, please contact the host for transportation details.

No. 41, 竹湖, 臺東縣長濱鄉, Taiwan

Facilities and Services

Shared facilities

  • Indoor Space: Dining room
  • Other Amenities: WiFi
  • Appliances: Refrigerator, Rice cooker, Washer
  • Outdoors: BBQ facilities, Leisure farm, Parking lot, Forest, Walking trail, Eco pond


  • Travel information
  • Guided tour
  • Outdoor parking lot

House Rules

  • Check-in time: 15:00 ~ 17:00. As you are required to schedule your check-in time in advance, please arrange with the lodging 1 day(s) beforehand. please inform the lodging for late check-in time upon booking
  • Check-out time: before 11:00. Please follow the check-out time stated in the house rules
  • Breakfast time: please make reservation upon checking in
  • Dinner time: please make reservation upon checking in
  • For ensuring the quality of stay for all guests, pets are not allowed in the lodging. The lodging reserves the right to cancel the accomodations without refund for bringing pets into the lodging.
  • Please inform the lodging of the correct number of guests in advance, and no extra person is allowed on the check-in day. The lodging reserves the right to cancel the accommodations without refund in the event of a violation.
  • As the lodging is situated in the natural environment, your stay may be accompanied by some bug friends.
  • Guests are not permitted to use the kitchen facilities
  • Please keep your valuables safe as the lodging is not responsible for the loss of or damage to valuable items.
  • Please turn off the lights and appliancess when not in use.
  • Smoking is not allowed indoor; please go to outdoor areas for smoking.
  • The following activities are not allowed: chewing betel nuts and cooking.
  • The following behaviors are not allowed: Drug using, excessive drinking, gambling, making loud noises, causing disturbances, setting off firecrackers, and any illegal acts. The lodging reserves the right to cancel the accommodations, charge for anything damaged or lost, and report to the police in the event of a violation.

Contact Info

No. 41, 竹湖, 臺東縣長濱鄉, Taiwan

* Let the host know that you are a Dear b&b reader when booking, and you will get a limited postcard upon checking in!


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