Fengbin (Shihtiping), Hualien

Adagio Reindeer - Annex Cottage

Secluded Life in the Woods by the Calming Sea and Mountains


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  • A cottage in the mountains by the sea
  • Individual and quiet living space

Our Stay

Discover the wonder of the lodging.

Secluded Life in the Woods by the Calming Sea and Mountains

Winding down the car windows, you can feel the breath of the sea. Under the blue sky, scenic spots around Shitiping shining by the Pacific Ocean have attracted countless visitors coveting its beauty. Casting the sight to the horizon, you set the human voices and bustle aside, summoned by the mountains and sea. At the moment, this trip of yours requires a peaceful land to hold your restless heart. Turning around, you see a warm yellow light of Adagio Reindeer - Annex Cottage hiding by the path in woods, waiting for you like the secret cottage you stay for the annual family trip.



Let the hustle and bustle melt in the sea breeze

When you enter the Shitiping scenic area, the azure ocean jumps into the sight, and the fresh sea breeze brings its greeting. The receptionist cordially leads you to Adagio.Shihtiping, the main building, to go through the check-in ritual. The butler carries a wooden plate at the table, offering essence oils and keys with key chains made of local materials for you to choose the fragrance for this trip. Not yet into the room, you have relaxed because of the remnant of the aroma.


Bidding the main building farewell, you leave the scenic area, seeing a faint path paved with slates. At the end of the path stands a cottage. As its name—Annex—suggests, it leaves the main building, being away from the bustling visitors coming for Shitiping. With the tranquility given by the mountain wilderness, this cottage is accompanied by a banana orchard, which preserves your privacy but hinders no picturesque view. Here, you can enjoy the vacation away from the hustle and bustle and the broad view without interruption.


A vocation of a cottage owner

Once entering the door, you are welcomed by a corridor leading you to the French windows, through which you can see Pistia stratiotes spread over the pond around the cabin. The huge windowpane also allows warm sunshine to visit the door of your rooms. Taking off shoes and walking along the corridor, you can easily reach the banana orchard outside the windows on the side of the living room.


After unloading luggage, you can play a relaxing album released by Wind Music, picking one of the books on the shelf by the dining table. Either sitting or lying down in the spacious living room or reading on the chaise longue by the window in the room is a good option. Once in a while, when you lift the head, looking out of the window, the clear view of mountains and horizon will always be there. After a bath at night, the pleasant smell lingers and will accompany you at the silent night, making you lie on the comfortable bed with relaxation.


Taste the delightful flavor of life

When the sun shines through the smoke of cloud, you stroll with the rising sun to Adagio・Shihtiping, enjoying the seafood breakfast served in a nine-dish box. Besides the big breakfast, guests of Adagio will be provided with the afternoon tea and granted the privilege of booking the creative cuisine served exclusively for the guests. By the sea view, you relish the exquisite flavor of life bite by bite.


You ramble under the starry night to the cottage after visiting the gifts Hualien is endowed by the God of Nature during the day and having the dinner when the moon rises to the horizon. In this leisure evening, you sit or lie on the sofa, listening to music and reading books. Next day, going up to the cuesta through the mist and the lightening darkness in the early morning to appreciate the sunrise, you push thoughts out of your mind, letting them wander freely with the beat of waves. The magnificent mountains leaning on the azure sky relax you. There is no time to be busy. By the end of the day, the sunshine drips on every trace of lives and also into the bottom of your heart. You can help but lift your mouth corner, feeling lucky to have a perfect vacation.


Room Type and Price

Room Type


Double Room
2 guests

NTD 2,900 ~ 4,100/room


Breakfast not included, On the 1st floor, Indoor 26 m2, In-room bathroom, Separate bathroom and toilet, 1 double bed, Up to 1 extra person (with extra bed) (more)

Price List

Four-Person Room
2 ~ 4 guests

NTD 4,200 ~ 5,500/room


Breakfast not included, On the 1st floor, Indoor 29 m2, In-room bathroom, Separate bathroom and toilet, 2 double beds, Up to 1 extra person (with extra bed) (more)

Price List

Annex Cottage in Adagio—Whole Building
10 guests

NTD 9,800 ~ 13,000/building


Breakfast not included, 1-story building, 1 2-person room with ensuite bath, 2 4-person room with ensuite bath, 3 bathroom(s), Booking of entire building includes beds for 10 people while 3 extra person(s) can be added with maximum occupancy of 13 people; in the event of booking entire lodging, only one group of guests will be accommodated at one time (more)

Price List

Price List

Booking Info

  • Breakfast not included.
  • Regular days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Peak days: Sunday, Friday, The day before consecutive holidays and The last day of consecutive holidays
  • Holidays: Saturday and Consecutive Holidays
  • Extra person with extra bed: single mattress, pillow, cover and personal toiletries included, Extra person rate: NTD700 per person
  • For safety reasons, we are unable to accommodate children under the age of 7.
  • The room types and rates are for reference only, for the most updated details, please refer to the lodging’s official website. It is recommended to check the rates and related info with the host before booking.

Cancellation and Postponement Policy

  • Refund for canceling your reservation due to personal reasons will be transferred according to the following rules (with a handling fee of NTD30 charged):
    • 100% of the paid amount will be refunded for canceling 3 days prior to reservation date.
    • 50% of the paid amount will be refunded for canceling 1 ~ 2 days prior to reservation date.
    • No refund will be made for canceling on reservation date or no show.
  • Postponement should be informed 3 days prior to the reservation date (not counting the check-in day).;The postponement will be reserved for 12 months. ;In the event of postponement, the deposit is transferable to another party.;Room rate will be charged at the rate of the actual check-in day. (subject to charge for balance or refund for overpayment).;In the event of postponement, failing to inform the lodging 3 days (the check-in day included) prior to the reservation date, the deposit will be forfeited in proportion as stated in the cancellation policy above.
  • In case of natural disasters (such as earthquake, typhoon, etc.) and other circumstances of force majeure, when the local government announcing office and school closures,a postponement in 6 months (the check-in day included) can be reserved for one instance.For other postponement rules, please refer to the above-mentioned provision.
  • The room types and rates are for reference only, for the most updated details, please refer to the lodging’s official website. It is recommended to check the rates and related info with the host before booking.

Lodging Info

By car

Inaccuracy may occur when using Google Maps Navigation. Please enter 緩慢石梯坪 for GPS location and contact the lodging when arriving.

Public transportation

  • Distance between lodging and nearby transportation spots:
      • Hualien Airport: 72.7 km. For timetable and fare, please visit 花蓮航空站.
      • Ruisui Train Station: 28 km. For timetable and fare, please visit 台灣鐵路管理局.
      • Shitiping Recreation Area Bus Stop: 0.5 km. For timetable and fare, please visit 花蓮客運, 鼎東汽車客運.
      • It is recommended to transfer from Ruisui train station by taxi: about 50 minutes, NTD2500 (time and fare are for reference only).

After booking is confirmed, please contact the host for transportation details.

Inaccuracy may occur when using Google Maps Navigation. Please enter 緩慢石梯坪 for GPS location and contact the lodging when arriving.

Facilities and Services

Shared facilities

  • Indoor Space: Living room, Bar counter
  • Other Amenities: WiFi, Books, Magazines, Tableware
  • Bathroom amenities: Shampoo, Body wash, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Towel, Bath towel, Cotton swabs, Dental floss, Body lotion, Shower cap, Razor, Comb
  • Appliances: LCD TV, DVD, DVD player, Audio equipment, CD, Microwave, Toaster, Refrigerator, Water boiler and warmer, Water dispenser
  • Outdoors: Terrace, Parking lot


  • Taxi booking
  • Travel information
  • Butler service
  • Arts and culture merchandise
  • Arts and culture exhibitions and/or performances
  • Foreign language service including: English
  • Postcard mailing
  • Outdoor parking lot

House Rules

  • Check-in time: 15:00 ~ 18:00. As you are required to schedule your check-in time in advance, please arrange with the lodging 1 day(s) beforehand
  • Check-out time: before 11:00. Please follow the check-out time stated in the house rules
  • Luggage storage service is available without time limit, while the lodging is not responsible for any loss (please make arrangement with the lodging beforehand).
  • For ensuring the quality of stay for all guests, pets are not allowed in the lodging. The lodging reserves the right to cancel the accomodations without refund for bringing pets into the lodging.
  • For the energy saving and eco-friendly purpose, please bring your own Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Due to the age of the lodging, sound insulation is poor, please walk quietly and lower your voice.
  • Please inform the lodging of the correct number of guests in advance, and no extra person is allowed on the check-in day. The lodging reserves the right to cancel the accommodations and return the deposit in the event of a violation.
  • In the event that guests showing up with less people than booked, fees will still be charged for the rooms and rates as the original booking.
  • As the lodging is situated in the natural environment, your stay may be accompanied by some bug friends.
  • Please note that autumn and winter temperatures can be quite cold and dress appropriately.
  • Due to the intense heat and sun, please remember to prepare protective clothing and products.
  • Guests are permitted to use partial kitchen facilities
  • Please refrain from bringing food and beverages into the room. Please go to the Dining room to eat, and please help cleaning up afterward.
  • In order to maintain a quiet environment for all, please do not let children run around or make loud noises unattened.
  • Please bring your personal ID or passport for check-in.
  • The lodging will not take Taiwan Traveler Card.
  • Please keep your valuables safe as the lodging is not responsible for the loss of or damage to valuable items.
  • Please turn off the lights and appliancess when not in use.
  • NTD200 will be charged for key lost or damaged.
  • Please do not move, destroy, or remove the equipment in the room. In the event of damaged or lost property, the lodging may take the following action(s): Ask for full monetary compensation for any damaged or lost property
  • Smoking is not allowed indoor; please go to outdoor areas for smoking.
  • The following behaviors are not allowed: Drug using, excessive drinking, gambling, making loud noises, causing disturbances, setting off firecrackers, and any illegal acts. The lodging reserves the right to cancel the accommodations, charge for anything damaged or lost, and report to the police in the event of a violation.

Contact Info

No. 117-3, 石梯灣, 花蓮縣豐濱鄉, Taiwan

* Let the host know that you are a Dear b&b reader when booking, and you will get a limited postcard upon checking in!

Contact Hours
1: 09:30 - 12:00、2: 13:00 - 18:30