Hot Springs in Winter! Wanderings to Hot Springs near Cities, Mountains, and Sea

Encompassed by the white steaming vapor of hot spring in winter,

visit classic Japanese bath houses, soak in hot springs in the mountains and by the sea.


Dear b&b’s selection of Taiwanese hot springs allow you to nourish your body

and relieve your exhaustion with natural spring water, even in wintertime!

It’s vacation time in the final season of the year, perfect for taking a healing trip to revive your mind and body! Taiwan has the highest density of hot springs in the world due to its location on a convergent tectonic plate boundary. There are approximately 128 natural hot springs spread across the island of Taiwan. During the Japanese colonial period, the Japanese opened the first hot spring hotel, bringing hot spring culture to Taiwan. This issue represents Dear b&b’s first selection of Taiwan’s best hot springs, presenting you with a variety of experiences: from the basic public bath houses and private bathrooms (this issue), to more advanced experiences such as wild hot springs that require greater physical ability to access and enjoy (following issue). What’s more, we share our pocket list of worth-visiting nearby spots and local delicacies for you to enjoy after each recommended hot spring. From the main island to the offshore islets, let’s enjoy the seasonal pleasure of hot springs in winter!


Hot springs in Yilan: explore the aesthetics and natural elements of “beauty springs”

Let’s start from Taiwan’s only hot springs on the flat plains! Jiaoxi, the hometown of hot springs in Yilan, is famous for its clear and odorless sodium bicarbonate hot springs, which leave your skin feeling smooth after a soak, therefore earning them the nickname “beauty springs.” Yilan’s beauty springs were discovered in the second half of the 18th century by the Han Chinese while performing land reclamation in the area. Later on, the Japanese began widespread construction of public bath houses during the Japanese colonial period. With the passing of time, you can now see over a hundred hot spring signs around the Jiaoxi Train Station area. Among all the distinctive public hot spring competitors in Jiaoxi, we particularly favor a chic venue that stands out from other more traditional ones, Hot Spring Onion. Each of its private bathrooms is decorated with different graffiti artwork, radiating a youthful vibe and giving you a fresh experience every time you visit. Hot Spring Onion is also equipped with a small bar offering drinks and snacks, allowing you the leisurely pleasure of savoring local flavors after a nice warm bath. We also recommend the nearby Bai-Shui Douhua, a flavor exclusive to Yilan, where you can enjoy bittern douhua made with spring water and topped with peanut maltose and cilantro.


Besides Jiaoxi, don’t miss the little-known Jioujhihze Hot Spring in Taipingshan when traveling in Yilan. Driving up into the mountains, you can see distant mountain peaks encompassed by white steaming vapor along the way. Similar to Jiaoxi, the hot springs here are also rich in sodium bicarbonate. Not only is there a public outdoor pool carved out of the rocks along a river, but also private bathrooms and gender-exclusive nude bathing pools. Furthermore, egg-boiling stations beside the pools are a popular side-activity for bathers. Besides boiling eggs, you can also bring your own corn-on-the-cob, sweet potatoes, and simps, to enjoy a delicious, steaming snack after your bath. Other nearby spots in our pocket list include the verdant and tranquil Jiancing Historic Trail, the Bong-Bong Train that takes you through an old timber-transport rail track, and the beautiful foggy scenery of Taipingshan. Last but not least, you can check out Cuifeng Lake, Taiwan’s biggest high-mountain lake, which is often shrouded by a mystical fog, awaiting visitors to reveal its true face.


Hot springs in Beitou: urban strolls to Japanese hot springs

Speaking of hot springs, we simply cannot neglect the birthplace of Taiwanese hot spring culture: the Beitou hot springs. The fame of the Beitou hot springs was established during the Japanese colonial period. These springs are all sulfur springs, and further categorized into white sulfur springs, green sulfur springs, and iron sulfur springs according to the color and smell of the water. Due to their benefits in softening old and thick skin, people also call them “the skin springs.” Most hot spring venues in Beitou are around the Xinbeitou Station of the Taipei MRT. Established over a century ago, the Long Nice hot spring, just a 3-minute walk from the MRT station, is the oldest public bath house in Beitou, preserving its traditional Japanese-style interior constructed during the Japanese colonial period and offering both public nude pools and private bathing quarters. Located in a verdant park, Beitou Park Outdoor Hot Spring Bathing Pool, offering both hot and cold baths, is your best choice to experience a public outdoor spring. After a nice warm bath, we recommend you tour around Thermal Valley, the origin of the spring water flowing into the two green sulfur hot springs mentioned above. Its jade-color waterbody and white-vapor landscape give the impression of a fantasy wonderland. Alternatively, make a detour to Beitou Market and try Aizicai’s fatty—but not greasy—braised pork over rice seasoned with rich braising broth. Don’t forget to pair this snack with the traditional black tea from Kao’s Tea Co. to experience these truly classic Taiwanese flavors. When dusk falls, it’s worth making a trip to Junjianyan Hiking Trail near Shipai MRT Station to take a 30-minute hike overlooking the sunset view of the Datun Mountains and Tamsui River. Stay a bit longer to appreciate the charming nighttime scenes of Taipei City in the distance.


Hot springs on Green Island: saltwater hot springs overlooking the sunrise

Hidden on Green Island, one of Taiwan’s principal offshore islands, can be found one of only three saltwater hot springs in the world. Zhaori Hot Spring contains sodium chloride that improves skin tone and, when ingested, helps with digestive diseases, earning it the title of “the stomach springs.” Facing the Pacific Ocean, the name “Zhaori” literally means morning sun, as the location allows you to appreciate the morning sun slowly rising over the ocean horizon while bathing in the sea—a truly dreamlike experience! The poolside egg-boiling station is ready for you to prepare your own unique breakfast on-site. The naturally salty spring water makes for delicious food without the need for seasoning. After that, take a walk to the Fanchuanbi Grasslands with beautiful scenery of sea and sky blending together. Moreover, don’t forget to reserve a spot for some diving activities offered by the Nitrox guesthouse. Dive into the ocean and discover a colorful and surprising underwater world!


From the balmy bath houses outside the city to the public pools in the mountains and by the sea, Taiwan has an abundance of hot springs spread across the whole country just waiting for you to discover. If you travel during winter, why not follow our hot spring guide and plan a memorable hot-spring-themed trip that reveals Taiwan’s beautiful mountains and scenery!


Enjoy Nice Hot Springs in Cozy Guesthouses

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Are you ready to expand your experience of hot spring baths, and delve into these sweet wintertime dreamlands?

Leisurely Life between Mountains and River in Yilan|Riverside House

In the suburbs of Luodong, the banks along the Annong River are adorned with green grass and yellow flowers, while a building composed of geometric squares and glass leans against the water’s edge. This is Riverside House, a leisurely lodging nestled between mountains and water.

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