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Cat Sky House

Follow the Cats to a Playful Old House in the Countryside


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Dear b&b Three Heartfelt Promises Certification

  • A bright and colorful traditional courtyard home beside green fields
  • A paradise playground for all the little animals
  • Countryside flavors of creative Chinese breakfast cuisine
  • Warm and hospitable hosts

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Discover the wonder of the lodging.

Follow the Cats to a Playful Old House in the Countryside

A comfortable autumn breeze blows through Yilan, as the Annong River reflects the dazzling sunlight. Strolling along a country lane between farmers’ fields as chickens cluck and dogs bark, you somehow feel like closing your eyes when suddenly your gaze is caught by a building colored red and orange: Cat Sky House, the brightest traditional courtyard home on the bank of the Annong River, sits waiting between rice paddies for travelers to visit.



Rich and delightful countryside courtyard home

Walking into the courtyard at Cat Sky House, everything is brightly colored, with cute, playfully arranged scenes all around. The courtyard preserves the traditional cement ground covering, as grass grows in cracks that opened up in the cement many years before. Several cats, stretching out beneath a red sun parasol, continue rolling around. Your host Lisa walks toward you with a smile. After retirement, she and her husband, Paul bought this house, originally in ruins, for the street cats that they had adopted. They have since remodeled it into a cute courtyard house full of cats. The moment you enter the house, you are greeted by a warm aroma - you discover that it’s the smell of the home-baked welcome cookies being prepared by Miss Tian, the housekeeper. In the kitchen, the same warm color theme you have seen elsewhere at Cat Sky House continues, and the old wood-burning hearth remains as well. Watching Miss Tian’s busy movements, you feel a sense of returning to your family home in the countryside.


And why have they chosen Yilan as the place to pursue life after retirement? Originally living in Taipei, Lisa says with a laugh, “We do it all for these little animals!” Following the growth and independence of her children, Lisa gradually started to adopt cats. First one, then another, then a third… the more cat adoption information she saw, the more she took in, and before she knew it she had seven or eight cats living in her home! A while later, after going on a trip with several friends, they suddenly became inspired to buy a house in Yilan where they could retire to one day, to live together and take care of one another. This was the birth of Cat Sky House. As Lisa says with a laugh, “You have to have your own life!” Retirement is not the finale, it is the start of a new life.


Peaceful, easy times in the country

Cat Sky House only entertains a single group of guests at any given time, so you can relax completely and enjoy the company of your friends in your own exclusive building. This country-style home filled with miscellaneous goods will set you completely at ease. Stepping into the bedroom, you take in the colorful decor on the roof beams, as well as the cute figurines lying on the bed and in front of the windows. The pristine white sheets are soft and welcoming, inviting you to fall asleep to the singing sounds of insects.


Walking outdoors, Paul excitedly shows you the sweet potato leaves he just picked in order to give traveling guests the most natural, flavorful breakfast possible the following morning. At this time, however, a sumptuous afternoon tea has been prepared to welcome you, and it is up to you whether you enjoy it outdoors or inside. Sitting in a corner of the courtyard, admiring the expansive country fields and the soothing breeze, you enjoy passionfruit jam on handmade cookies with hibiscus wax gourd tea. Chickens cluck as they walk around the courtyard in a scene that seems right out of a peaceful, pastoral painting.。


A sumptuous countryside breakfast

You wake at the break of dawn to the sound of clucking chickens, barking dogs and the aromatic breakfast that awaits you. Walking to the breakfast table, you’ll certainly be shocked at first sight of the table full of sumptuous foods. You may even think you’ve overslept and your hosts have skipped right to preparing lunch! Besides Paul’s own sweet potato leaves and corn, there is a host of other seasonal vegetables. Delicious egg flatbreads sprinkled with cilantro delight the taste buds. Lisa proudly states, “Our egg flatbreads are made with indica rice milk, making them softer, and they’re really hard to come by!” At that moment, the housekeeper delivers a freshly baked pizza to the table! The melted cheese invites you to eat just one more slice. After you are full, Lisa will provide you with all the info you need about local sights to see.


Cat Sky House maintains the old-school retro lifestyle and pastoral tranquility of an old courtyard home in the countryside. In such a place, time simply slows down. With Lisa’s humor and Paul’s warmth, you’ll certainly see how genuine the interaction between people can be. When you arrive at Cat Sky House, you’ll see just how fun the countryside can be. In this old courtyard home, you can even follow the cats’ lead, to gaze upon a new slice of sky.。



Room Type and Price

Room Type


Cat Sky House—Whole Building
6 guests

NTD 8,000 ~ 13,000/building


Breakfast included, 1-story building, Farmland view, 3 double beds, 2 bathroom(s), Extra person is not allowed (more)

Price List

Price List

Booking Info

  • Breakfast included: Chinese-Western fusion, Healthy (adjusted with seasonal ingredients)
  • Regular days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Holidays: Friday, Saturday and National Holidays
  • The room types and rates are for reference only, for the most updated details, please refer to the lodging’s official website. It is recommended to check the rates and related info with the host before booking.

Cancellation and Postponement Policy

  • Refund for canceling your reservation due to personal reasons will be transferred according to the following rules:
    • 100% of the paid amount will be refunded for canceling 14 days prior to reservation date.
    • 70% of the paid amount will be refunded for canceling 10 ~ 13 days prior to reservation date.
    • 50% of the paid amount will be refunded for canceling 7 ~ 9 days prior to reservation date.
    • 40% of the paid amount will be refunded for canceling 4 ~ 6 days prior to reservation date.
    • 30% of the paid amount will be refunded for canceling 2 ~ 3 days prior to reservation date.
    • 20% of the paid amount will be refunded for canceling 1 days prior to reservation date.
    • No refund will be made for canceling on reservation date or no show.
  • Postponement should be informed 14 days prior to the reservation date (not counting the check-in day).;The postponement will be reserved for 6 months. ;In the event of postponement, the deposit is transferable to another party.;Re-booking for the postponement is not limited to the original room type (subject to charge for balance or refund for overpayment).;Room rate will be charged at the rate of the actual check-in day. (subject to charge for balance or refund for overpayment).;In the event of postponement, failing to inform the lodging 14 days (the check-in day included) prior to the reservation date, the deposit will be forfeited in proportion as stated in the cancellation policy above.
  • In case of natural disasters (such as earthquake, typhoon, etc.) and other circumstances of force majeure, when the local government announcing office and school closures,the full refund will be transferred or a postponement in 3 months (the check-in day included) can be reserved for one instance.For other postponement rules, please refer to the above-mentioned provision.
  • The room types and rates are for reference only, for the most updated details, please refer to the lodging’s official website. It is recommended to check the rates and related info with the host before booking.

Lodging Info

By car

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Public transportation

  • Distance between lodging and nearby transportation spots:
      • Taipei Songshan Airport: 72 km. For timetable and fare, please visit 台北松山機場.
      • Luodong Train Station: 8.7 km. For timetable and fare, please visit 台灣鐵路管理局.
      • Yuzun Temple Bus Stop: 1.2 km. For timetable and fare, please visit 國光客運.
      • It is recommended to transfer from Luodong train station by taxi: about 18 minutes, NTD250 (time and fare are for reference only).

After booking is confirmed, please contact the host for transportation details.

No. 15, Ln. 88, 行健五路, 宜蘭縣三星鄉, Taiwan

Facilities and Services

Shared facilities

  • Appliances: Washer


  • Travel information
  • Booking service for rental car, Scooter and Bicycles
  • Infant and toddler care essentials provided on site, such as: Crib, Baby bathtub, Children’s stool (by reservation)
  • Outdoor parking lot

House Rules

  • Check-in time: 15:00 ~ 17:00. As you are required to schedule your check-in time in advance, please arrange with the lodging day(s) beforehand. please inform the lodging for late check-in time 17:00 day(s) before the check-in day; the lodging reserves the right to cancel the booking without refund for checking in after 21:00
  • Check-out time: before 11:00. Please follow the check-out time stated in the house rules. Additional NTD100 per hour will be charged in the event of late check-out.
  • Breakfast time: please make reservation upon checking in; special meal(s) available: Vegetarian meal. Please inform the lodging your needs upon booking.
  • For the energy saving and eco-friendly purpose, please bring your own Toothbrush
  • If guests book for an extended stay (more than one night), fresh bedding, covers, pillow, Towel, Bath towel and daily cleaning will not be provided.
  • Please inform the lodging of the correct number of guests in advance, and no extra person is allowed on the check-in day. The lodging reserves the right to refuse adding extra persons in the event of a violation.
  • In the event that guests showing up with less people than booked, fees will still be charged for the rooms and rates as the original booking.
  • Please inform the lodging in advance if you have visitors. Visitors should leave the lodging before 22:00. Guests and visitors can only meet at designated areas, please contact the host for details.
  • As the lodging is situated in the natural environment, your stay may be accompanied by some bug friends.
  • Guests are permitted to use partial kitchen facilities
  • Please bring your personal ID or passport for check-in.
  • We take credit card and Taiwan Traveler Card.
  • Please keep your valuables safe as the lodging is not responsible for the loss of or damage to valuable items.
  • Please turn off the lights and appliancess when not in use.
  • NTD500 will be charged for key lost or damaged.
  • Please do not move, destroy, or remove the equipment in the room. In the event of damaged or lost property, the lodging may take the following action(s): Ask for full monetary compensation for any damaged or lost property
  • Smoking is not allowed indoor; please go to outdoor areas for smoking.
  • The following activities are not allowed: chewing betel nuts.
  • The following behaviors are not allowed: Drug using, excessive drinking, gambling, making loud noises, causing disturbances, setting off firecrackers, and any illegal acts. The lodging reserves the right to cancel the accommodations, charge for anything damaged or lost, and report to the police in the event of a violation.
  • Please refer to and follow the pet policy as below:
    1. Pets are not allowed on the bed, sofa, or in the bathtub. Owners should bring their own carriers.
    2. Please do not let your pets pee or poo indoors, and please clean up pet waste in the outdoor areas.
    3. Please do not let pets bite or chew the furniture and fabrics in the room.
    4. Please bring a towel, food bowl, and water bowl for your pet(s), and do not use the amenities in your room for your pet(s).
    5. Pet towel, food bowl, and water bowl are provided, please refrain from mixed-use with humans.
    6. Pets must not be left in the room unattended.
    7. For male dogs, please wear physiological pants.
    8. For female dogs in heat, please wear menstrual pants.

Contact Info

No. 15, Ln. 88, 行健五路, 宜蘭縣三星鄉, Taiwan

* Let the host know that you are a Dear b&b reader when booking, and you will get a limited postcard upon checking in!

Contact Hours
08:00 - 23:00