Terms of Service

Chapter 1 General Provisions

User Notices:
This website is operated and established by Dear b&b. Upon the use of the services provided by this Website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and fully agreed to be bound by all provisions of this Terms of Service.

Modifications to Terms and Conditions:
Dear b&b reserves the right, at any time, to modify or amend the content of this Terms of Service. Modifications will become effective on the Effective Date announced on this Website. It will be deemed that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by all modifications or amendments if you use the service after the said Effective Date.

Announcements from Dear b&b:
Dear b&b will adopt proper manners, such as announcing on dearbnb.com or providing via emails, to announce or publish any necessary information to you.

Chapter 2 Services

Changes of Contents:
Dear b&b reserves the right to change or temporarily or permanently stop providing this Service (or any part of it) and Dear b&b shall not be liable for the said changes.

Service Suspension or Interruption:
Dear b&b shall not be liable for any service suspension or interruption due to routine maintenance or rearrangement of this service system, natural disaster, malfunction or other matters that cannot be attributed to Dear b&b;

Dear b&b welcomes all relevant proposals of advertising, but individual advertisers or sponsors shall be solely liable for all contents and texts of advertisements, descriptions of images, sample presented or other information related to sales that you see in this service. You shall take all information into consideration and carefully determine the accuracy and reliability of the contents of the advertisement. Dear b&b shall not be liable for the warranty of the said advertisement.

Links to Websites:
Dear b&b may provide links to other websites or online resources. The existence of the links does not mean that Dear b&b has any relation with the operators of the said websites. The said websites are not controlled and managed by Dear b&b. Therefore, Dear b&b shall not be legally liable for any content or other materials on the said websites. The operator shall be solely liable for any content or product on the said website, which means that Dear b&b should not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the use of the aforementioned links.

Chapter 3 Indemnification

Limitation of Liability:
Dear b&b shall not be liable for any claim or request made by any other third party, which arising out of or in connection with any content provided, posted or transmitted through the service, improper use of the service provided by the website, violations of the Terms of Service, or infringement of others' rights and interests. You hereby agree to hold Dear b&b harmless against any damage.

(a) All services provided by Dear b&b are provided based on its "current condition" and "the time providing the service". Dear b&b does not guarantee or warrant the wholeness, correctness, safety and reliability of any product or service in any form or any content; (b) Dear b&b will make greatest effort to protect the safety of the information of the image or text you upload, but we cannot guarantee any file or data will remain reliable and correct during the whole transmitting process. We also do not guarantee the safety, reliability, wholeness and correctness of the stored file or data; (c) any advice and information you obtain from Dear b&b or this service, whether written or verbal, does not constitute a guarantee of this service; (d) Dear b&b shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, collateral, derivative, punitive damages that you may suffer or infringements to third parties' rights and interests in connection with your use or unable to use of this service.

Chapter 4 Right to Privacy

Dear b&b values the right to privacy of every user. We will collect, use and protect your personal information in accordance with the following policies:

  • (a) Dear b&b will protect the safety of all users' personal information and adopt reasonable protecting measures and procedures to prevent the personal information from losing or being sabotaged, tampered and leaked, etc. In addition to aforementioned measures, the corrective measures may be taken when necessary.
  • (b) When you use our product or service, browse the website or participate in online activities, Dear b&b will collect necessary personal information based on the nature of the activity you make.
  • (c) All personal information obtained by Dear b&b shall solely be used internally in accordance with the original purpose and scope by Dear b&b. Dear b&b will not provide your personal information to any other third party or use it for other purposes, unless it is otherwise provided in prior notices or relevant laws.
  • (d) Dear b&b may amend this policy from time to time. If we make significant amendments to the rules for the use of personal information, we will make announcements on our website to provide relevant details to you.

Chapter 5 Intellectual Property Right and Links

The contents of articles and images of Dear b&b are generated from the following sources:
(a) the works created by Dear b&b team; (b) providing by the person, contractor, brand or media which worked with Dear b&b; (c) the contents publicly published on other websites and the websites with CC license.

If the content of articles and images of Dear b&b are taken from other sources or websites, we will indicate the name of the source or the website and create a link of it. If you determine that the texts or images we publish infringe your copyright or are inappropriate, please contact us immediately through contact@dearbnb.com, we will properly modify or delete the said information.

All information, content texts and images in Dear b&b and othe data of the website are under the protection of the copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights legislations of the Republic of China and international agreements. If you like to excerpt or quote the said materials, please indicate the source "Dear b&b - Taiwan Travel and Accommodation Guide" and provide with the original link.

Dear b&b exclusively reserves all rights and ownerships of the services and translated contents provided in the website and all intellectual property rights related to the website. Without our express written consent, you should not modify, copy, imitate, transmit, publish, promote, sell, integrate, exploit, combine, or otherwise use the contents owned by Dear b&b brand, including any translated content and user comment thereof. If you use or combine the contents of our website, or use any method to obtain the intellectual property rights of the platform or any content, it shall be deemed that you will allocate, assign and transfer all relevant intellectual property rights to Dear b&b. We reserve the right to request deletion and pursue legal action in the case that you violate any of the above provisions or commit any illegal use or behavior which constitutes an infringement of our intellectual property rights.

Chapter 6 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The explanations, supplements and applications of the Terms of Services are subject to the laws and relevant interpretations of Republic of China. The Taiwan Taipei District Court shall be the court of first instance and all disputes concerning the Terms of Services and the services provided by this Website shall be under the jurisdiction of The Taiwan Taipei District Court and relevant superior courts.

The Chinese (traditional) original of this Terms of Service may be translated into various languages. The translations of the Chinese original are merely be deemed as a courtesy, office-used document. In any event that there is a conflict or inconsistency between the Chinese original and the translated version, the Chinese original shall prevail. This Chinese original can be found on Dear b&b website (choose Chinese version) or sent to you in accordance with your written request.

If any provision of this Terms of Service becomes invalid or unbinding, you shall still comply with the remaining provisions of this Terms of Service. In the circumstance, the invalid or unbinding provision shall be replaced by a valid and binding new provision. In consideration of the content and purpose of this Terms of Service, the new provision shall be as similar as possible to the invalid or unbinding provision which is replaced.