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We love enjoying lives, so we create lives worth enjoying.

We are avid travellers and hardcore foodies who are obsessed with the lifestyle that makes everyday count.
We value aesthetic visual presentation, prefer the writing of high quality, and follow closely the latest Internet technologies in the world.

We are sincere and willing to share.
While Taiwan’s travel and lodging culture is spouting and blossoming everywhere,
we look forward to introducing the quality accommodations to those who also enjoy lives and love to travel.

We are dedicated and always pursuing perfection, all in order to bring the best to you.

Our Team Members

Minchelle Wen


Rae Lin


Co-founded Dear b&b with Rae in December 2012. Responsible for operational strategy, marketing, interviewing and photo shooting, and article editing. An activist dreamer and perfectionist who demands every detail in the highest standards.

Born in Tainan in 1982, B-type Capricorn.
Holds a BA in Philosophy from National Chengchi University. Champion of the 3rd Aton Case Competition. Worked at Sony Taiwan for years as account sales, PM, and Marcom and was in charge of products in different categories, and has won the Sony Global Marketing Award. Worked at Wozai CO., LTD. and was in charge of the Jiepang app’s marketing strategy and execution in Taiwan.

A writing enthusiast and travel lover. Traveled alone to ten countries in Europe and the Middle East for 150 days in 2009 and published The Beautiful Wander after returning home in 2010. Has been to nearly 30 countries so far.

“What are the essential elements in your ideal lodging?”
“Beautiful space and the hosts with good taste and ideas.”

Co-founded Dear b&b with Minchelle in December 2012. Responsible for operational strategy, account affairs, interviewing contact, and financial management. A human travel and gourmet channel.

Born in Taichung in 1984, A-type Aquarius.
Holds a BA in Business Administration from National Chengchi University. Champion of the 3rd Aton Case Competition. Worked at Taiwan Bifido as PM and was in charge of the products like “Zhi Wu No You” yogurt and “Just Drink” coffee. Worked at Fugleman Entertainment CO., LTD. as director of the product department and special projects. Worked at Wozai CO., LTD. and was in charge of the Jiepang app’s business cooperation and development.

As an enthusiastic gourmet, she has extraordinary passion and tenacity for food and what she recommends must be the top picks! Being dubbed as “a real-life version of the food app,” she can tell you which restaurant you should go to and the direction upon asking.

“What are the essential elements in your ideal lodging"
“Delicious breakfast, space to relax and empty one’s mind, while cute cats and dogs would be a plus!

Ellie Chao

Business Development Account Manager

Bella Chang

Journalist & Account Executive

Joined Dear b&b in May 2016. Responsible for account affairs, interviewing contact, marketing cooperation and media publication relations. A delicate girl who likes listening to stories and loves to share.

Born in Beitou, Taipei in 1989, O-type Taurus.
Holds a BA in Business Administration from Shih Chien University.

Likes to explore villages and small lanes, while being curious about what will be found at the next corner and the places unmarked on the map. Loves to learn new knowledge and always bravely pursues new things. Worked at MSL Group for nearly two and half years.

“Large French windows and a balcony that looks out to the sea, with cute cats around.”

Joined Dear b&b in October 2017. Responsible for account affairs and interviewing contact. Likes to laugh and loves to make new friends. A cheerful girl full of curiosity.

Born in Yilan in 1994, B-type Aquarius.

Holds a BA in Mass Communication from Tamkang University.
A nature lover who adores the azure ocean and verdant hills, while enjoying travelling between mountains and the sea. Always delves into the local culture with great curiosity and a lot of questions. Worked at Weddings Magazine as editor.

“What are the essential elements in your ideal lodging"
“Large French windows with sunlight flowing in, big lawns where one can lie down and watch the sea and stars, and hospitable hosts with passion.”

Eleanor Wu

Content Planner & Editor

Elma Lin

Journalist & Account Executive

Started internship in June 2013, joined Dear b&b in October 2017. Responsible for features and social media content planning and execution, cover stories writing and editing, and supporting the research of lodging industry regulations and policies. A girl who studies in law but is addicted to literature, daydreaming, and writing.

Born in Kaohsiung in 1991, B-type Sagittarius.
Holds an LA from National Chengchi University. Attended the Institute of Law for Science and Technology of National Tsing Hua University.

Keen to record the wonderful moments with writing. Likes the sea on a sunny day, coffee shops in the cities, and live events of refreshing music and rock ‘n’ roll. Hopes to lead a meaningful life and move towards a better place.

“What are the essential elements in your ideal lodging"
“Large windows full of sunshine, good books or music, and a big bed for a good night’s sleep.”

Dear b&b 採訪業務。2021年3月加入 Dear b&b。負責採訪聯繫、業務執行。具有冒險精神、愛好自由、天馬行空想像力,衝勁十足的能量女孩。




Acho Chiu

Photojournalist & Designer

Sara Wang

Photojournalist & Editor

Shane Su

Photojournalist & Editor

Dear b&b 採訪攝影暨視覺設計。2020年10月加入 Dear b&b。負責採訪攝影、文字編輯與視覺設計。慢熟又害羞的女孩,喜歡觀察新朋友,喜歡照顧家人朋友和愛人。




Dear b&b 採訪攝影。2020年10月加入 Dear b&b。負責採訪攝影、文字編輯。能動能靜,是奔放又浪漫的藝術與運動愛好者。




Dear b&b 採訪攝影。2020年10月加入 Dear b&b。負責採訪攝影、文字編輯。安靜的外表下有顆開朗澎湃、喜愛探索世界的心。




Backstage Planners – The Original Aspiration and Determination of Minchelle and Rae

To learn about Dear b&b, one must start by knowing the two co-founders, Minchelle and Rae. Minchelle and Rae, one is a sensitive and perfectionist Capricorn, while the other is an Aquarius who yearns for freedom, a gourmet, and a fun-seeker. One is a girl from Tainan who originally was admitted to the Drama Department of Taipei National University of the Arts, but ended up studying philosophy at National Chengchi University. The other is a girl from Taichung, who almost went astray in junior high school but thankfully turned over a new leaf and entered the Department of Business Administration of National Chengchi University. The two girls met in a class and developed a comradeship through teaming up in a competition. Years after graduation, they reunited and worked as colleagues. When they came to the intersection of 30 years old, they decided to jump into the marathon of starting up a business together, in the name of Dear b&b.

Do what you are really passionate about to infect others.

An Aquarius like Rae is often dubbed as “a human food, travel, and living channel” or “a live version of a gourmet app, calling her would be much efficient than open up the app on one’s phone!” She has always been the food expert that friends would go to. As a foodie, browsing food blogs and the food forum on BBS to collect information of newly opened restaurants is her hobby outside of work. When she travels, food searching is naturally the most important itinerary! For example, when in Chiayi, she would insist on tasting turkey rice from four different stores in one meal, while in Penghu, she would buy pork chop rice from three stores at once. If asking her, “Why do you have to eat the same food from different stores in one meal?” She would answer confidently, “This is the best way to evaluate which store’s best!” A food enthusiast like her believes that “eating is the simplest way to gain happiness.”

And a Capricorn like Minchelle immersed herself in various artistic creations since high school. She always said that she was a true young woman of literature and art. She wrote poems, proses, and novels, acted as the chief editor of the school magazine, and submitted works to literary competitions. After class, she was either at a 16 mm film festival or the experimental dance and drama theater. In her senior year of high school, she even attended the Youth Theater of Tainaner Ensemble regardless of the pressure of college admission. Originally she wanted to study drama in college, but after she was admitted, she decided to choose the Philosophy Department of Chengchi University instead. The decision also planted a seed of wanderlust in her. Not from a wealthy family, she took a two-month trip to Europe for the first time with the money she earned from the part-time job in her junior year of college. And she just discovered that one could travel abroad and explore the world without costing a lot of money. Minchelle said, “When I’m travelling, my senses would be more sensitive. Not only will I find more novelties in the world, but I will also know my inner self better and be clearer about the direction I want to head next.”

Life is an accumulation of experiences. Those experiences gained from wandering in the youth would once again accompany you in the future.

When Minchelle took the course of Information Management at the Department of Business Administration, she and Rae met in the class. As Rae took her in as a team member for group presentation, their firm friendship thus began and lasted over ten years. Later, on a whim, they teamed up again for the 3rd Aton Case Competition and developed a profound comradeship. Originally they just intended to take part and learn from the process, but eventually, they took the championship home. “Have fun in the game, and play hard with creativity,” – from their original intention of attending the competition, one could also see the founding spirit of Dear b&b.

After graduation, Minchelle and Rae each worked in different marketing areas. Minchelle entered Sony Taiwan as she wished. As a fresh graduate, she was fortunate to work from account sales, to marketing PM, then to Marcom in the period of just over three years. She was responsible for several products from different categories and created excellent sales records with successful strategies, while she also won the Sony Global Marketing Award.

Rae worked at Taiwan Bifido as PM for the products like “Zhi Wu No You” yogurt and “Just Drink” coffee. At that time, with a successful commercial starring supermodel Chiling Lin, “Zhi Wu No You” took over 80% share of the yogurt market. Rae was thus appointed by the president of the company to take charge of the architecture competition for the affiliated arts and culture foundation. Three years later, as a challenge seeker, she switched to the online gaming industry. Starting from the marketing PM, she then was appointed as the supervisor to assist the company in diversified development and cultivated the global market.

Later, Minchelle left Sony and travelled around ten countries across Europe and the Middle East for five months. Upon her returning, she realized that “I wanted to stay in Taiwan and do something for Taiwan.” So she rejected the job offer in China, and then accidentally joined an Internet startup team. This not only indirectly contributed to the founding of Dear b&b, but also forced Minchelle to abandon the previous marketing operation with the annual budget over NTD ten million she was used to, and to employ cross-industry cooperation creatively to meet the challenge of zero-budget promotion. And Rae, who was originally well trusted and served in an important position, was also tired of the political environment at the workplace, left the job decisively and became a colleague with Minchelle. Switching from the marketing to the sales department, Rae was in charge of expanding cooperation with coffee shops.

After five years of graduation, they once again worked together. They never thought about starting a business themselves, but as they learned more about the environment of Internet-based entrepreneurship, they found that as long as getting hold of know-how and connections, one didn’t have to be rich to do something valuable for the society and the land. As Rae said, “Thirty-year-old is a critical turning point.” When they approached thirty, they couldn’t help but start thinking about “What exactly are the things we really want?” Instead of being wage slaves, they thought it would be better to spend the time on something more meaningful!

From the original aspiration to the determination, realizing a dream is all about taking actions and persistence.

“Taiwan has many great b&bs, why are there no websites or platforms good enough for everyone to see?” Both as enthusiastic travellers, Minchelle and Rae were troubled by this issue and decided to shoulder the mission to solve the long-standing problem on the spur of the moment.

They came up with this idea in September 2012, and as people of action, they immediately organized a team and started to design the structure and interface of the website. In the meanwhile, they went to interview and evaluated lodgings around Taiwan. Rae applied her serious foodie attitude to screening and selecting lodgings, and took charge of contacting and interviewing the hosts, while Minchelle handled photography, articles, and everything aesthetics-related. In this way, on December 28th of the same year, the seventh day of the alleged end of the world, Dear b&b was officially launched!

“Many new startups have made products based on their own imagination of the market; but before entering the market, how do you know what the market would be like?” After the website was launched, the real challenge has just begun. None of them came from wealthy families, so they just threw in all the savings they earned from the previous jobs at the big corporates. Even things were difficult, they still kept the faith and worked hard. Their persistence was not only for their aspirations but also for the mission they now carried. Initially, they set the stop loss point in the next June, but after investing more and more time and effort, they found that they could do much more than they imagined. With each interview, the fascinating spaces of the lodgings, the moving stories of the hosts, and the beauty of local culture and environment, all made them wonder, “If you haven’t tried every possibility, haven’t done your best, how can you give up?” With a firm look, the eyes of Minchelle were filled with passion and dedication to the vision.

Minchelle and Rae hope that Dear b&b can serve as a platform to select truly unique lodgings for travellers. Unlike the other lodging booking websites, Dear b&b sees itself as a guide of lodgings. Refusing sponsored coverages, the team visits each lodging and assesses them on site personally, then delivers the wonderfulness of the lodgings through earnest writing and photos. Dear b&b at present is just a prototype but with unlimited possibilities in the future. Even if they have few staff and no money, they are still convinced that every effort they make will have a positive impact on Taiwan’s travel and lodging industry.

“We hope that everyone can see the beauty of Taiwan, and more and more travellers from here and abroad will come and stay in these wonderful lodgings.” This is Minchelle and Rae’s original aspiration of founding Dear b&b, and they are also determined to achieve the vision. If you love Taiwan as much as we do and like to create a life worth enjoying, we would like to welcome you to embark on a wonderful journey with us.