The Warmth and Ease of a Handcrafted Homestead


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Dear b&b 3S Quality Certification

  • Warm household with handmade touches
  • Full of clever little design elements
  • Healthy, sumptuous breakfast of fresh ingredients
  • Local food tourism map of delicious, privately-owned restaurants

The Stay

Discover the wonder of the lodging.

The Warmth and Ease of a Handcrafted Homestead

Hualian City provides you with the ideal base for secretly stealing a little extra time out of your busy schedule. On Beibin Street, you find a cute B&B called Uulo, a magic place owned by Little Luo and Pomelo. Uulo is the realization of their dream to offer an open, snug space where, they can help to color your travel experience with the warm hues of happiness.



Relax and refresh at Uulo

No matter how many times you’ve visited Uulo, you will always be greeted by Sanjianzi’s wagging tail and your smiling host, Pomelo, who somehow always looks like a university student. The simple decor, like Pomelo’s smile, will put you instantly at ease.


The open first floor is comprised of a living room and kitchen, and is divided only by a bookcase. An antique, olive-green sofa and a big wooden table with matching chairs provide ample space for chatting with fellow travelers. The sofa bed beneath a pastel yellow wall offers the ideal place to roll around with Sanjianzi. Smiling faces drawn on pomelos and handmade sock dolls surprise you from various nooks and corners. Perhaps the pomelos are relics of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Next time you come to visit, bring a friend and see who can discover just how many different pomelo faces there are!


Open the door to any given room and behold a charming view

Three-storied Uulo offers four guestrooms, each of them a charming sight to see; simple decor paired with Pomelo’s hand-painted murals in light colors, and sofa beds heaped with pillows and smelling of sunlight. You can choose a book, put on a CD, and enjoy a full day lazing around Uulo. Even the shower wall is adorned with an amusing pomelo mosaic.


Yet this is not all that Uulo has to offer. Little Luo and Pomelo have painstakingly drawn up an exclusive map of local eateries and scenic spots just for you. It covers the entire area, from Hualien City down to the border of Taitung County. They have thought of everything, even providing female travelers with hygienic necessities, and offering solitary travelers the perfect-sized room to feel entirely at home in.


Breakfast is a highlight of the Uulo experience. Freshly made every day, enjoy homemade whole wheat bread, an impressive fruit salad, and organic potatoes or yams, all served with a cup of Little Luo’s rich soymilk. Served at the big wooden table on the first floor, these fresh delicacies await you as you wake up and head downstairs.


The happiness of total travel freedom

Hualian is a perpetual honeymoon for Little Luo and Pomelo. Back in the day, they didn’t have much money, but that didn’t stop them from feeling utterly blessed while sitting in the ocean breeze on Qixingtan Beach. At that moment, they both silently imagined the day when they would move to Hualien. They couldn’t have imagined that, half a year after tying the knot, on an impulse and unbeknownst to their families, they really would pack their bags and drive through the night to Hualien.


With a laugh, Pomelo states that perhaps she was just born with a bigger heart than most. The thought occurs to her: if we don’t seize the opportunity to take action, some dreams might just never come true. So it was that she started off on this adventure, changing the course of her life without any planning or preparation, and with nothing more than a sudden impulse. Since they hadn’t really thought things through, even the workmen had to ask Pomelo, “How should we fix this place here?” Pomelo would respond, “Hold on, just let me think for a minute.” Since they didn’t have a clear plan for the style of their guesthouse, Uulo now feels like a personal residence of the highest quality.


A feeling of warmth and stress-free ease is the most fascinating part of Uulo’s charm. When you get ready to leave, Sanjianzi, who has been following you around like your shadow, will be there to wag his tail and send you off. As you wave to Pomelo, you may feel inclined to say, “Ok, we’ll see you again the next time when we are in Hualien!”


Room Type and Price

Room Type


2F Lounge
Max. guest: 2 people

NTD 2,200 ~ 2,200/room


Breakfast included、On the 2nd floor、In-room bathroom、1 double bed、LCD TV、Up to 2 extra person (more)

Price List

3F Lounge
Max. guest: 2 people

NTD 2,200 ~ 2,200/room


Breakfast included、In-room bathroom、1 double bed、Balcony、LCD TV、Up to 1 extra person (with extra bed) (more)

Price List

Max. guest: 2 people

NTD 1,700 ~ 1,700/room


Breakfast included、In-room bathroom、1 double bed、LCD TV、Extra person is not allowed (more)

Price List

Max. guest: 1 people

NTD 1,200 ~ 1,200/room


Breakfast included、On the 2nd floor、In-room bathroom、LCD TV、Extra person is not allowed (more)

Price List

Price List

Booking Info

  • Stay with breakfast
  • Extra person with extra bed: single mattress, pillow, cover, personal toiletries and breakfast included, Extra person rate: NTD400 per person
  • Before booking, please verify that your chosen room has the desired equipment as some of our rooms are not equipped with Air conditioner and TV.
  • Travelers with large luggage or disabilities please note that the lodging is not equipped with an elevator.
  • Please check with the lodging for details on continuous stay discount.
  • Long stay discount:
  • The room types and rates are for reference only, for the most updated details, please refer to the lodging’s official website. It is recommended to check the rates and related info with the host before booking.

Cancellation and Postponement Policy

  • Refund for canceling your reservation due to personal reasons will be transferred according to the following rules (with a handling fee of NTD100 charged) :
    • 1.100% of the paid amount will be refunded for canceling 7 days prior to reservation date.
    • 2.50% of the paid amount will be refunded for canceling 4 ~ 6 days prior to reservation date.
    • 3.No refund will be made for canceling 3 day before or on reservation date, or no show.
  • Postponement should be informed 7 days prior to the reservation date (not counting the check-in day).;The postponement will be reserved for 12 months.
  • In case of natural disasters (such as earthquake, typhoon, etc.) and other circumstances of force majeure, when the local government announcing office and school closures,the full refund will be transferred(with a handling fee of NTD100 charged) or a postponement in 12 months (the check-in day included) can be reserved for one instance.
  • The room types and rates are for reference only, for the most updated details, please refer to the lodging’s official website. It is recommended to check the rates and related info with the host before booking.

Lodging Info


  • 1.By car:Enter the address for GPS navigation.
  • 2.
    • Distance between lodging and nearby transportation spot:
    • It is recommended to transfer from 花蓮火車站 by taxi: about 11 minutes, NTD180 (time and fare are for reference only).
    • After booking is confirmed, please contact the host for transportation details.

Enter the address for GPS navigation.

Facility and Service

Shared facilities

  • Indoor Space:Living room、Kitchen/Kitchenette
  • Other Amenities:bicycle、WiFi、Books、Comic books
  • Appliances:LCD TV、Audio equipment
  • Outdoors:Parking lot


  • Travel information
  • Foreign language service including: English
  • Outdoor parking lot

House Rules

  • Check-in time: 15:00 ~ 22:00. As you are required to schedule your check-in time in advance, please arrange with the lodging 1 day(s) beforehand
  • Check-out time: before 11:00. Please follow the check-out time stated in the house rules
  • Breakfast time:09:00 ~ 09:40; special meal(s) available: Vegetarian meal. Please inform the lodging your needs upon booking.
  • Please make bookings in advance as we are unable to accommodate same-day booking.
  • For the energy saving and eco-friendly purpose, please bring your own Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Kitchen with gas range available. Please please help clean up after using.
  • Please turn off the lights and appliancess when not in use.
  • Smoking is not allowed indoor; please go to outdoor areas for smoking.
  • Pets are allowed with prior notification to the lodging. We accommodate dogs of 5kg or less and up to 1 dog(s).
  • Please refer to and follow the pet policy as below:
    1. Pets are not allowed on the bed, sofa, or in the bathtub. Owners should bring their own carriers.
    2. Please do not let your pets pee or poo indoors, and please clean up pet waste in the outdoor areas.
    3. Pets must not be left in the room unattended.
    4. For male dogs, please wear physiological pants.

Contact Info

No. 43, Beibin St., Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan

* Let the host know that you are a Dear b&b reader when booking, and you will get a limited postcard upon checking in!

Contact Hours
10:00 - 22:00